Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill (Black) Review

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xterra fitness tr150 folding treadmill blackBuying a home treadmill online can be difficult when you take into account all the thousands of different models available. There are exercise machines available with numerous different prices (anything from approx $300-$3000) and features, so you could end up spending days, or even weeks, just researching to find the right one for you. Here on Total Fitness Focus we do the research for you to save you time and money! In this article we’re going to take a look at the Xterra Fitness TR150 Folding Treadmill (Black). This is a model from the lower end of the treadmill market, so if you’re looking for something fancy (or you’re an experienced runner), this won’t be for you. However, if budget is an issue but you still want a good quality, functional, and highly rated entry level running machine, you’ll definitely want to read our Xterra Fitness TR150 review.

Firstly, here’s a quick summary of the details and specs so you can see what you get:

Useful Technical Details/Specifications

  • Tread Belt Dimensions: 50″ length x 16″ width (137 cm long x 40.6 cm wide)
  • Fully Assembled Dimensions: 63.4 ”  long x 28.75 ” wide x 51.4″ high (161 cm L x 73 cm W x 130 cm H)
  • Assembled Weight: 108 lb (48 kg)
  • Motor: 2.25 HP, 0.5 -10 mph
  • Incline: 3 levels
  • Type of Deck: Described as XtraSoft (comfortable)
  • Console: In built 12 fitness programs
  • Added Extras: Tablet holder and small personal belongings holder
  • Guarantee: Lifetime on frame, 1 year on motor, all parts just 90 days and labor just 90 days
  • Weight Capacity: 250 lbs (113.3 kg)

What’s the incline like? 

This Xterra Treadmill model has a basic manual incline that you have to set before beginning your workout.

The incline is represented by two rear stabilizers fitted at the bottom end of the tread belt at the side of the machine. So if you want to get elevation, pull the pin out of the stabilizers, move to the desired point and reinsert the pin to secure. This is super easy to do, but can’t be done mid run without stopping and getting off the treadmill. It’s not really suitable for incline HIIT workouts where you need the incline to adjust automatically at the touch of a button.

The incline only goes up only in slight increments (3 different levels, but not a huge difference between the levels). If you’re someone who enjoys running (or walking) a good steep incline, you might find this basic incline won’t challenge you enough. If incline isn’t a feature you use, then this won’t be a problem.

What’s the deck height?

Step up height onto the deck varies depending on where you set the incline level. If left without an incline, the step up is roughly 5.5 inches (14 cm). It is recommended that you use and locate your machine where the ceiling space above has a clearance of 10 inches (25cm).

A bit about the console

The Xterra a pretty large LCD display, which is easy to see and read the digital figures (although it’s not backlit like more expensive models). You can monitor time lapsed, distance traveled, calories burned, and pulse rate (by gripping the sensor bars).

All settings are in English (mph) – the running distance is conveyed as a virtual running race track which can be located on the left of the screen. One lap equates to 1/4 mile, so 4 laps equates to one mile. XTERRA tr150 console

There are 12 preset fitness programs or the manual running option. The preset programs are commonly interval based (30 mins). The speed varies in the preset programs every 3 minutes automatically, you can increase or decrease speed according to your ability levels or running aims. The manual option gives you complete control you just run and change speed as you train.

The console also gives you space to place a tablet or book along with other personal accessories.

Frame and deck construction materials

Although the Xterra 150 Treadmill is designed to be lightweight, it does have a robust frame, made from steel tubing.

The console dashboard, side rails and motor cover are made of strong ABS. This allows for its mixed materials in construction to support body weight up to 250lbs (113.3kg).

The steel parts within the framework are finished with corrosion resistant paint (the only color available on this model is black).

Big enough for running but small when folded

This particular type of treadmill does not fall into the large category (like others currently available on the open market), nonetheless its still 63.4″ (161 cm) long and 28.752 (73 cm) wide and like any exercise machine, will take up quite a bit of space.

folding treadmill black It’s recommended that there are around 2 feet of space at either side of the machine, at least 3 feet at the rear and 1 foot at the front, to give you enough space while running.

When folded the machine sits at an estimated footprint of  29″ D x 28.75″ W (74 x 73 cm). This is about one-third of the space taken up when the machine is in use.

The fully erect unit is not light, and weighs roughly 108 lbs (49 kg). To make shifting or moving easier the front base is equipped with transporting wheels. So once the fitness session is complete moving the machine to storage becomes convenient and easy.

The Xterra 150 Treadmill is fitted with a robust and heavy duty, non slip rubber belt. This unit is best suited to jogging or fast paced walking. Keep in mind the treadmills overall deck capacity (size wise) might not suit taller users, those who possess a longer running stride (normally over 6ft tall) might struggle for comfort.

Good treadmill for joint issues or bad knees

The deck boasts a feature known as  XtraSoft cushioning (implies comfort and shock absorption). The aim of this is to provide  a smooth running experience.  Most of us are well aware that running at pace can send shock impact to our knees and joints. This unit is designed with three cushioning aspects (either side of deck) to reduce and lessen shock to the joints. It is estimated this feature reduces each leg impact onto the deck by 20%. This makes the running session feel more manageable and limits the chance of pain.


The Xterra TR150 Treadmill model is fitted with a 2.25 HP motor this drives the running belt (achieves 0.5 – 10 mph). It’s not the fastest out there, but certainly is good for the price. This motor is built to withstand running, jogging or fast paced walking even at top speed. The motor is fitted with a small flywheel mechanism to help stabilize the running belt when maximum speed is attained, ensuring the running experience remains at maximum quality.

The motor runs on minimal electricity, meaning your energy bills won’t shoot through the roof as you increase consistent usage. This makes it an economical choice for someone not wishing to spend too much money.

Naturally, there will be noise associated with any motor in motion, but this is relatively quiet for a treadmill. You could describe it as akin to a hoover, washing machine or similar appliance at home. As with any treadmill, running at speed will increase noise both from motor and as well as your strides making contact with the treadmill platform.

Assembly is quick and easy

The assembly is very easy –  the deck arrives fully made up, all you need to do is add the side masts and connect the console and the wiring. Generally, such tasks can be completed in less than an hour. Everything is clearly outlined in the manual. Also, the tools to build and adjust the belt are supplied so you won’t need extra tools. Assembly can be done by one person, but 2 people are recommended as the machine is quite heavy and it would definitely be a lot easier to have one person hold the side masts while the other screws them on.

What maintenance is required?

The maintenance is primarily centred around the lubricating of the treadmills belt. It should be oiled after every 40/45 hours of use. If you forget don’t fret, the console has a reminder built in, so it should flash up in due course. Lubricating oil is included, as well as instructions on how to lubricate the belt (if you’re stuck there are Youtube videos demonstrating how – it’s a very simple job).

For best functionality keep the belt clean and free of any objects, don’t sit things on it when not in use. For example, kids small toys might disappear in under the belt and get dragged into motor causing lasting damage. Every so often, check on the machine itself for bolts and screws becoming loose or needing tightening. This will ensure safe use and avoid any damage.

Pros of the Xterra Fitness TR150

  • Fitted wheels for easy transportation
  • Folding deck – good for storing in small spaces
  • XTRAsoft cushioning, helps impact injuries from occurring
  • Low electricity use
  • Convenient accessory trays built on dashboard
  • Tablet holder includes (you can listen to music or watch a video)
  • Assembly is simple and quick to do


The following are a few features that are missing on this treadmill, but are things that you wouldn’t expect on a treadmill at this price range anyway. They’re really only added extras that although they enhance the running experience, won’t stop you from getting a good workout!

  • No bluetooth facility, or any other way to hook up to any other mobile phone fitness apps.
  • No facility to add any heart reading systems, like POLAR or chest strap readings transmitters.
  • It has no USB port or inbuilt cooling fan.
  • Weight capacity is only 250lbs so not suitable for heavier runners


All in all, the Xterra Fitness TR150 folding treadmill is a good entry level affordable machine for running, jogging or fast paced walking and is one of the best in its price range. And for anyone looking for a basic home treadmill to get started, this model can’t be beaten for price. The motor fitted has a power capacity of 2.25 HP, which isn’t the fastest for heavy duty running but above average for an exercise machine of this price. You can get up to a pretty decent speed of 10mph which will be sufficient for most runners – even some of the $1000+ models only go up to 12mph.

Obviously at this price range you won’t get everything, and there are a few features missing that might make you want to invest a bit more into a slightly better machine. Things like inbuilt music speakers, no syncing with fitness apps and no USB port means that this treadmill might not be suitable for the tech geeks. Also, the incline is lacking (only 3 levels) for those who enjoy incline running or walking.

F0r the price though, this treadmill is a steal. Just check out the Xterra Fitness TR150 reviews on Amazon and you’ll see that most people agree. It’s a good basic model for home use, and if you can do without a decent incline then 10mph max speed should be more than enough for most runners. Who is it best for? In my opinion, this is an entry level model so it’s probably more suited to beginner or intermediate runners.

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