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Update: In response to the coronavirus situation, production of the Concept 2 rower was halted for a period last year during lockdown. Production of the black model D has now resumed, but stock sells out VERY quickly.

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So where can you buy a Concept2 rowing machine right now?

Amazon gets stock periodically so you should check there regularly – Click here to check Amazon now. Stock can disappear within hours though so you need to be quick! 3rd party sellers with stock available on Amazon were selling for well above the RRP in 2020  – this year you should be able to get one for a more reasonable price.

Also check our other recommended retailer – Rogue Fitness. If they don’t currently have stock, make sure you sign up to their notification list.

The Concept 2 has been the bestselling indoor rowing machine in the world for over 40 years. Known as the “gold standard” of rowers because of its dependable performance, it is the machine of choice for professional athletes in competitive training. It’s also the top choice for fitness facilities like health clubs and gyms around the world. The good news is that if you’re looking for a fantastic, low impact workout from home, you can purchase a Concept 2 with performance monitor for your home gym or living room (or wherever you can find the space!) Rowing is an exercise that is accessible to anyone, of any age, and the Concept 2 rowing machine is an excellent investment for all. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or an exercise beginner, you can just choose your level and get started! So, where is the best place to buy a Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine? The following are our recommended retailers online:

Where to Buy A Concept 2 Rower?

All of the following are official stockists so it’s safe to buy there because you know the machine you’re getting will be the real deal! Also, the warranty is the same with each retailer – a limited 2 year (all parts) and 5 year (frame parts) warranty.


Whether you want to invest in a Concept 2 model D or E Amazon is a great place to buy a rowing machine. You can’t go wrong with their FREE shipping and fast delivery. Click on the link below to visit Amazon and check the delivery date to your area. Make sure to read some reviews there to see if this is the product for you.

Visit Amazon to see details, pictures and customer reviews

Rogue Fitness

Rogue Fitness is a US manufacturer and retailer of strength and conditioning equipment, mainly for Crossfit. However, they are also an official stockist of the Concept 2 rower and distribute to professional sports teams, collegiate, military and of course to personal buyers for home gyms. They also offer an excellent delivery service with tracking from the time your item is shipped, until it is delivered. Orders placed by 3pm are normally shipped on the same day although due to coronavirus there is currently a 5-7 day shipping delay.

Check price & customer reviews on Rogue Fitness

Official Concept2 Website

If you’re in the US or Canada you can order from the official online shop based in Vermont, or you can order by calling 800.245.5676 (during business hours Mon-Fri). Orders are shipped within 1-3 days using UPS ground service. Shipping times to your area can be found on the website and can take 1-8 business days depending on your location. When delivered, no signature is required. If you would prefer a different shipping method or a signature required delivery service just call the support number as they may be able to arrange this.

Check price on the official website

Where can I find a used Concept 2 Rower for sale?

Brand new Concept 2 rowers are pretty expensive, so some people prefer to opt for a used model. It’s likely you won’t save more than a few hundred dollars though because they do tend to hold their value well. An average 2nd hand model D in good condition will still cost about $650-$850 (depending on the age) and value-wise, sometimes it may be better just to save up and pay the extra for a new one. The two following sites are the best places to look for a used Concept 2 rower for sale – have a look and see if you find something suitable:


It’s always worth doing a search on eBay to see what’s on offer there. There’s nearly always a few available (some are barely used), but as they’re usually local pickup only, you’ll need to find one in your area. You’ll also need a means of transportation big enough to carry the rower to your premises. Sometimes you might find one that offers shipping, but you’ll find that shipping an item as bulky and heavy as a rower will be pretty costly (possibly $150 or more) which means, in the long run, you might not save much. Buy now prices are usually listed but there’s nearly always an option to make an offer if you want to try and haggle the price down a bit.

See what’s available to buy on Ebay


You can do a search for a rower in your area, but if there’s nothing available and you’re not in a hurry you can set up alerts in your account so that you receive notification emails of new listings. If you get an email for a product that suits your criteria, you should call the seller immediately (good deals get snapped up quickly). Make plans with the seller to pick up the rowing machine as soon as possible because if you don’t, someone else will. Like we already mentioned above, you’ll need your own transportation for local pickup, so make sure it is an adequate size to hold the rower (the Concept 2 can be separated in 2 parts so any large car trunk or van should be sufficient). Don’t forget to confirm the size with the seller though!

Look for deals on Craigslist

As with any used item you might purchase, make sure you check it over thoroughly for defects that might affect how it works. Take the time to test it out properly and find out if there are any parts that need upgrading or replacing (the rail, the seat, the sprockets, the bungee cord, the footstraps and footplates etc. should be checked for wear). A PM4 monitor or higher is your best bet (especially if you want to use RowPro or log cards) – although PM2 and PM3 are still pretty good, the batteries could be beginning to corrode.

Things to take into consideration when buying

The dimensions are important to take into consideration so that you can make sure you have enough space. The recommended space size is 9 x 4ft for use (the rower assembled measures 8 x 2ft).

Max user weight is 500lbs and seat height is 14 inches. If you’re a user with an inseam of 38 inches or more you may need an extra-long monorail (contact support at the official website to find out more)

Assembly is easy – it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes (there are only 8 screws).

As you can see in the image below, the rower can be separated in 2 parts for easy storage and caster wheels make it mobile. For storage, the separated size is 25 x 33 x 54 inches.

In conclusion

So now you know where to buy a Concept 2 rower with performance monitor! If you’re choosing from the above retailers (which we recommend you do) you’ll find there is little difference in price between them. Your purchase may just come down to personal preference. Some people will choose Amazon or Rogue Fitness if they’ve already purchased from these retailers, others may prefer to buy direct from the official website. All are official stockists with the same warranty and reliable delivery so it really doesn’t matter which you choose.

If you want to save by buying a used model, you’ll find that these rowers hold their value pretty well (many people consider them to be overpriced when used), so you probably won’t save a huge amount. Although the models D and E are more current, don’t discount the older model C which will probably be cheaper and may still be in good condition. Just remember that if you’re going for a used Concept 2, you should inspect it thoroughly for signs of wear and tear before you buy. If upgrades or new parts are necessary, you might end up spending more than you’d hoped to!

Need some more info? Check out our Concept 2 Rower review

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