Best Heavy Duty Treadmills With 400 LB Weight Capacity In 2021

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If you’re looking for an exercise machine that’s a bit more heavy duty than normal, you might want to know which are the best treadmills with 400 lb capacity in 2021. The average upper weight limit of a treadmill is usually 200-300lbs, and usually the higher the max capacity, the higher the price (although not always).

If you’re looking for a machine that will accommodate up to 400lbs then your options are relatively limited. However, we’ve found a few that not only meet the weight criteria but are also high-quality machines that should last you a long time. If you’re looking to start losing some weight and building up your fitness a treadmill is a GREAT investment so you’ll definitely want to check out some of the following running machines:

ProGear HCXL 4000 Electric Treadmill

treadmill weight limit 400 lbsThe ProGear 4000 Treadmill is one of the most affordable models available for those looking to try a treadmill with 400 pound weight capacity. So if you are looking to start a light exercise regime which involves walking and jogging (max speed 4mph) this runner could be your ticket. The model is also equipped with a heart pulse rate system.

Foldable/Fixed Transport Wheels

Once you are finished your exercise, fold the machine away and wheel it (fixed transport wheels under the belt) away to an area where it is going to be stowed. This feature can be very useful for users who don’t want an erect treadmill in full view, those who want to keep quiet about their training when others come around to visit.


  • The ProGear 4000 has an extra wide belt (20 inches wide) to give you generous space.
  • Extra long safety handles, this ensures a good balance is maintained, or if you take a false step you can easily correct it.
  • The treadmill’s frame is very strong, it has been reinforced to fully support large weights comfortably.
  • The entire machine arrives practically assembled so no need to mess about with assembly (pretty much ready to go)


  • There is no space to park your tablet or laptop. Only space for a drinking bottle.
  • The incline is only adjustable manually, only has two levels of maximum 6% (this is usually the case with cheaper models). Not everyone even uses an incline though.

Bottom Line

This machine is amazingly solid for the size and price (and is very affordable for a 400 pound capacity treadmill).

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Sole Fitness F85

sole fitness f85The Sole Fitness F85 is a treadmill which oozes quality. It can hold a weight capacity of 400lbs. It’s a machine that easily falls within the best treadmills 2019 ratings. The treadmill belt capacity is more than generous too, and it comes in at 22″ x 60″.

It suits all types of walking, jogging, and is especially good for running.

What Do You Get

The sturdiness and strong frame design are in the highest range available. The strength of the frame ensures the treadmills ability to accommodate the personal weight of up to 400lbs. The machine itself weighs in excess of 285 lbs which can only mean the steel and other materials used to construct it are of the best available. The entire building design of this fitness equipment provides complete durability.

The manufacturer has offered a lifetime guarantee on motor, deck, and the frame. This gives you extra peace of mind that you are purchasing a treadmill of real quality.

The motor of the treadmill is 4 CHP (stronger than 2.5 standards), it boasts an incline of 15 percent. The running belt has a design known as “cushion flex whisper deck” built in. This support feature is extra helpful, especially for heavy people as it will lessen injuries to lower joints and knees.

The extra wide running belt 22 inches x 60 inches, is highly suitable for the bigger runner as it prevents the user from stepping onto the side of the machine. It also ensures you have the confidence to stride out without the anxiety or worry of false steps or missing a step.

Buyer feedback

One customer said if you are a big person, 400lbs and up to 6ft 5 inches tall this could be the one, she was impressed with the strong frame and general build and design.

Another buyer compared it to the Nordic range as said the F85 was much better for shock impact on knees and joints.

One buyer loved the convenience of the hydraulic drop system when folding away and assembling, found it super cool.


  • The highly effective and durable 4 CHP motor ( very strong and build to last)
  • The extra-wide tread belt (22 inches very generous amount of workable space). Very useful for comfortable workouts.
  • The Cushion Flex Whisper Deck for protection against excessive shock impact on knees and lower joints.
  • The Assisted Hydraulic Drop System (assists assembly and folding)


  • Some customers found it noisy at lower speeds.
  • It only has a limited amount of preset fitness programs (6 in total)

Bottom Line

This treadmill is highly suitable for any large person at a 400lb weight and over 6ft tall, although it is not cheap. It can take time to assemble and it comes will full instructions manual on safe use. The machine”s build is very strong particularly the framework, lower running deck, and running motor. Some customers found it noisy at low-level speeds, but most machines with a motor will make some noise when in operation.

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Exerpeutic TF1000

exerpeutic tf1000 running machineThe Exerpeutic TF1000 is a purposely built to accommodate a wide range of weights. The machine holds a personal body weight of up to 400lbs.

This treadmill is not designed for speed it can only go at 4 mph max, so its entire idea is to accommodate large people to either walk or jog at a very small and steady speed.

The reinforced steel framework ensures you are buying a strong product that is very capable of carrying large body weights.

I think it’s safe to say that the TF1000 is most suited for walking and light jogging but it’s a very affordable machine for any0ne starting out exercising.

What Do You Get

The machine is equipped with an electric 1.5 torque motor which is ideal for walking and light jogs as it’s not designed for speed.

You can enjoy a large LCD monitor, which calculates your walking or jogging distance, your time lapsed, your calorie burn off rate and your heart rate.

The machine has a folding mechanism and comes with a 5-year motor guarantee and 1-year frame warranty.

The most useful benefit can be the treadmill’s weight holding capability namely 400 lbs.

What Did Previous Buyers Say About The Exerpeutic TF1000

One delighted customer was really impressed with the speed of delivery after purchase, stated it was a few days!

Another buyer was very happy with the controls being on the handrails as well as the main console.

A taller buyer (over 6ft tall) liked the space available to stride out on the tread belt.

One customer found the motor to be small and not very powerful.


  • The wide 20 inches tread belt allows for generous space when walking, you can do so with comfort and assurance.
  • The machine arrives fully assembled (saves you time )
  • The extra long handles give you added safety and stability should you have the need to hold on to them while walking.


  • The incline is not adjustable while you are walking, so to get that bit of difficulty into your walking you must adjust it before starting your session.

Bottom Line

The machine is solely designed for people who want to just walk and start a mild exercise regime hence it can’t go faster than 4 mph. It gives you generous amounts of tread belt to stride with practically no danger of stepping onto the side of the treadmill. It has other good safety features in terms of long holding handles (18 inches) to keep you stable and steady during your walks. This is one of the cheaper models on the list, but for many people, it’s a great starter machine for those new to exercise.

See the Exerpeutic TF1000 reviews on Amazon

Sole TT8

Sole tt8 fitness treadmillThe Sole Fitness TT8 is regarded as a premier top quality treadmill. It has been specially built with strength and sturdiness at the forefront so it is capable of holding personal body weights of 400lbs.

What Do You Get

It comes with a range of extras like the connection to fitness apps to keep track of your exercise history (very useful if you have fitness goals in mind).

The machine itself has been constructed using some of the highest quality steel and other materials currently available on the open market, this can give you added peace of mind when buying.

The tread belt space is very long (60 inches) and extra wide (22 inches), these features guarantee you comfort and safety when striding. The track itself needs no maintenance whatsoever, it has an inbuilt lubricating mechanism.

The electric motor is described as quiet and very durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

It has incline and decline features that don’t suit everyone but some prospective buyers prefer these options.

It comes with a large easy to view LCD monitor, helps you to calculate everything to do with your exercise session, distance traveled, the time elapsed, calories burned, heart rate.


  • A very strong and durable machine which is well capable of holding body weights of 400lbs
  • Has a range of extra desirable features, connection to fitness apps
  • Large and comfortable tread belt
  • Normally only takes 1-3 hours to assemble
  • Fast and reliable delivery


  • Expensive for beginner runners
  • Doesn’t come with many inbuilt fitness programs

Bottom Line

This treadmill is a great buy for anyone weighing up to 425lb. With a 4 figure price point though this is far from the cheapest on the market though. It is build using the best materials available so it is strong, very stable and its made to last. The treadmill is backed with long-lasting warranties so although it’s expensive, it’s a good solid investment if you want a running machine that you can use for years to come.

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3G Cardio Elite Runner

3g cardio running machineThe 3G Cardio Elite Runner is the top model in the Cardio Elite Runners range. So it is one that has the credentials of the best treadmill with 400lb weight capacity in 2020.

The machine itself is marketed to people of all shapes and sizes who are looking to get fit and lose weight. The treadmill suits walking, jogging and running.

What Can You Expect To Get

The machines framework has been made from the solid steel along with other strong materials that give the treadmill a wonderfully powerful, inforced and sturdy appearance.

The treadmill offers you music listening options while training. You can hook up your Mp3 or similar devices. There are inbuilt speakers.

This model does have good incline options available, some of us like to make the exercise regime bit more challenging especially if we have fitness goals.

Unlike other running models, this machine has what’s known as  Ortho Flex Shock Suspension System, a benefit that helps support your joints when walking or jogging against any potential injury.

This model has easy to use controls, nothing complicated.

What Did Previous Buyers Like And Dislike About The 3G Cardio Elite Runner

One purchaser described the machine as having a solid base and not shaking in the slightest.

Another customer bought it as a Christmas present for his wife, his wife loved the hook to her MP3 player and quality of sound from in-built speakers.

One buyer said he found it pricey but when he saw the strength of the product and the crafted parts he was suitably impressed.


  • An extremely well-constructed quality treadmill that is backed by warranties from its manufacturer.
  • Great music playing options if you like to be entertained during exercise.
  • The Ortho Flex Shock benefit to greatly assist against any potential injury to joints.


  • They won’t bring it into your premises unless you pay extra.

Bottom Line

This machine is on the luxury end of the treadmill market, and this is reflected in its high price.  It has a lot of pros that make it one of the best treadmills with 400 pound capacity. It is large though, and heavy too so you’ll need a decent space for this model. It is durable enough to last for years so would make a great investment if you intend to use a treadmill for the term.

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What To Consider When Choosing A Heavy Duty Treadmill?

Weight capacity

When you are on the heavier side you must check the weight capacity of your chosen treadmill. There is nothing worse than falling for a machine only to find it’s not suitable for your weight. Your options do get more limited if you’re looking for something beyond a 300lb weight capacity, but as you can see above, there are some good options if you need a heavy duty treadmill with weight limit 400 lbs. There are even a few that go up to 500lbs.

Tread Belt Cushioning 

Almost all treadmills currently in the marketplace will have some sort of tread belt cushioning, but it can vary in quality. The less expensive ones won’t have too much to offer in that area.

The more expensive and strongly built treadmills have a better quality tread belt cushioning system, particularly the ones which need to support heavy people. Like the Sole TT8 and the 3G Cardio which we’ve reviewed above.

The main aim of cushioning is protection from injury. The better the cushioning, the easier it will be on your joints, particularly if you’re going to be jogging or running. It’s not as important for walkers.

Type of Incline

Most treadmills will have an incline built in, either manually or electrically controlled. The electronic option is viewed as better as it doesn’t hinder your workout (just press a button and the incline will activate automatically) whereas with manual you have to set it before your workout or pause to activate it.

Machines at the cheaper end don’t offer much in terms of incline, usually just a small manual incline with maybe 2 or 3 different levels.

More expensive ones will nearly always have an electronically controlled incline.

However, for most people new to exercise a steep incline isn’t a big priority anyway. It all depends on your current exercising ability and fitness goals. Not everyone even uses the incline feature on a treadmill.


Although a treadmill for 400 lbs weight capacity can be a relatively expensive purchase (many in the 4 figure range) there are actually a few that cost under $500. As you can imagine, the cheaper models are not as highly rated and lack some of the fancier features that you’ll get with a higher end treadmill. However, even an inexpensive machine can be a good starting point for someone who is new to exercise and walking/running. Any of the above would make a great investment for yourself in 2021, or as a gift for a loved one who needs exercise rehabilitation or to get in shape.




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