Best Theragun Alternative: Top 6 Cheaper Competitors In 2020

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Are you looking for a Theragun alternative? This brand brought the first of these percussive therapy devices to come on the market just a few short years ago, and even now, it's touted as one of the best (and most powerful) massage guns. The problem is that for many people, at $599, its just a bit too expensive.

The good news is that there are many you DON'T have to fork out nearly $600 as there are many decent Theragun competitors for half the price if you shop around. We've researched some of the top brands on the market, and will be comparing our picks for top alternatives that have the most similar features to the Theragun.

Before we go into detail though, you need to know about Theragun's strong points.

What is Theragun's biggest selling point?

First of all let's clarify, when we speak about the Theragun we're talking about their most popular (and top of the range) model, the G3PRO. There are two other models, the G3 and the Liv, which are cheaper but also come with less features. 

Editor's Choice

Theragun Alternative

theragun alternative

Lifepro Pulse FX Massage Gun

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We've researched these along with the top massage guns on the market and we believe the models we're going to show you below are better value (and more functional) for the money. 

The Theragun's biggest advantage is that it was the first percussive massage device to come on the market. Invented by a chiropractor, Dr. Jason Wersland, after suffering a motorcycle accident in 2007, he designed the Theragun to help with his own pain relief and muscles recovery. It became the flagship product for the Theragun company and has gone from strength to strength over the years as newer models have been released. Since then many similar massagers have come on the market, and now there are hundreds of different brands available. Some still believe the Theragun G3Pro to be the best though, and that's why despite the high price (approx $600 not including the $79 charging stand) it's still very popular.

Until recent years, the Theragun was probably the most powerful model on the market, and is still one of the strongest available for deep tissue massage. It has become the massage gun of choice for many top athletes, celebrities, professional sports teams (it's NBA approved) and fitness enthusiasts.

However, there are plenty of Theragun competitors today, many of which have very similar features. So you can get a personal massage gun that delivers similar results, but is far more affordable. 

Key features of this device

The Theragun G3PRO has always been known as a device that can give a really deep, intense - mainly because of it's high 16 mm amplitude 40 times per second. This is also known as the stroke length - the higher the amplitude number, the more effective it is for a deeper massage. Massagers such as the Hyperice Hypervolt, although it actually has a faster speed setting, will give a less "punchy" and more "vibrational" massage because it has a lower amplitude. That means less of an overall effect on the muscles because it isn't hitting as deep into the tissue.

The triangular ergonomic handle with a 4 position adjustable arm makes it easy for the massager to reach any part of the body without straining. Its body is made of tough, professional-grade plastic composite, with an industrial-grade Japanese motor that should last through years of usage.

The Theragun only takes 30 seconds per muscle group (up to a max of 2 minutes) to improve the muscles strength and flexibility, and relieve pain. 6 massage heads are included with the device and a high-quality travel carry case.

Everything else is pretty standard and the same as most other massagers on the market. So our primary focus when looking at the competition will be things like cost, design quality, battery life per charge, noise levels (some can be pretty loud), attachments included, and amplitude.

Top Theragun Competitors in 2020 Compared:

Product Name



Speed RPM

Max Force


Carry Case included





16 mm

3 speeds -Up to 2400

60 lbs

Up to 175 mins (2 swappable)


70-75 dB

Timtam Power Massager Pro


32 mm

3 speeds - Up to 2800

Up to 75 lbs

50 mins


10 - 20 dB



11 mm

3 speeds - Up to 3200

60 lbs approx

2 hours


55- 65 dB

Lifepro Pulse FX


16 mm

Up to 3400

66 lbs

Up to 7 hours


60 dB

Timtam All New Power Massager


26 mm

1 speed - 2500

Up to 75 lbs

60 mins


25 dB

Exerscribe Vybe


16 mm

6 speeds - up to 2400

60 lbs

1.5 - 2 hours (2 swappable)


Up to 80 dB



15 mm

6 speeds up to 4200


6 hours


40 - 55 dB

#1 Lifepro Pulse FX (Editor's Choice - Closest Theragun Competitor)

If you're looking for a deep tissue massager that's most similar to the Theragun in features, then this is it. And you might be surprised to see that it's literally a fraction of the price. The shape is nearly the same, it has 3 rotating angles (just one less than the Theragun) which is really important for hitting hard to reach areas. The Lifepro has the same 16mm deep amplitude but a HIGHER RPM (revolutions per minute). It has the longest battery life of all the models we've reviewed (up to 7 hours - Samsung battery).

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Key features of the Lifepro Pulse FX

  • 4 massage heads - round, flat, spinal, bullet
  • Comes with protective travel case PLUS charging station (which Theragun charge an extra $79 for)
  • Runs at 60 dB - similar to the hum of a refrigerator
  • Charging time - 120-180 minutes
  • Lifetime warranty

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#2 Timtam Power Massager Pro (More power than the Theragun)

At a lower end noise output of just 10 dB, this is the quietest of all the massagers we've listed. After the Theragun this is the next most expensive but is still $100 cheaper so not a bad saving for a product that is substantially quieter and actually MORE powerful. This model has some great new features and technology including an LED display and built in temperature sensor for its automatic heated tip.

It also has the highest amplitude of any massage gun we've come across (including the Theragun), for the deepest penetrating massage possible. This isn't necessary for most users, but athletes and bodybuilders with dense muscle mass need a massager that can reach deeper and go harder. The only downside of this device is the battery life - just 60 minutes to a charge means you'll need to charge it more often than the others. 

Key features of the Timtam Power Massager Pro

  • 1 massage head (different massage heads available to purchase on the official website)
  • Up to 2800 powerful strokes per minute
  • Quiet brushless motor - currently one of the quietest on the market
  • Highest amplitude available - 32mm
  • 175 degree articulating head makes it easy to use for all areas - even upper mid back
  • Travel pouch included plus international chargers
  • Option to pay in 4 easy installments on the official website

#3 Hypervolt (Sale now on - Available at Black Friday price!)

There actually two versions of the Hypervolt - the main Hypervolt, and the Hypervolt Plus. Both are extremely similar and have very few differences other than the Plus is 30% more powerful. Because of this it also has slightly lower run time per battery charge. Also, they come in different colors - one silver and one black. The Plus costs $100 more than the original. Both products from Hyperice are high quality and give an effective deep tissue massage, although maybe not quite as deep as some of the others. Because they have lower amplitude, they don't strike as deep into the muscle and give a more vibrating massage instead. Some people actually prefer this though as not everybody enjoys or needs the level of intensity you would get from the others. 

Key features of the Hypervolt

  • 3 speed settings and up to 3 hours per charge
  • Built in pressure technology to give visual feedback during massage for more accurate sessions
  • 3200 percussions per minute
  • 5 head attachments
  • Quiet Glide Technology

#4 Timtam All New Power Massager

This the standard version of the premium Power Massager Pro. It's not quite as powerful as the Pro, but still has a higher amplitude, speed and max force than the Theragun. It's quieter too. It only has one speed though rather than three and a short battery life but it's still a strong, powerful massager and at just $250, is well worth checking out. 

Key features of the Timtam All New Power Massager:

  • 1 massage head (more available to purchase)
  • Made from antimicrobial plastics
  • 40 minutes battery life per charge
  • 90 degree articulating head and 26 mm stroke length
  • International chargers and carry case included
  • Option to pay in 4 easy installments available on the official website

#5 Exerscribe Vybe

The Exerscribe Vybe is the cheapest massage gun out of our list, but for the price actually has pretty good customer reviews. When compared to the Theragun it also is pretty similar, with the same amplitude, speed and max force (the most important features of any massage gun. It also has a similar easy to use ergonomic grip. The build is definitely not the same quality though and it's doesn't quite have the same sturdy feel as the others. For short term use (and if this is your budget) it's a reasonable choice, but might not be the best if you want a massager that's going to last a long time and get plenty of use. It's also the loudest of all the massagers mentioned (by far).

Key features of the Exerscribe Vybe:

  • 3 massage heads - standard, large and cone (for deep tissue massage)
  • 90 degree rotating massage arm for easy access to all areas of the body
  • 2 swappable batteries - 45-60 minutes use time each
  • 6 different speeds
  • Carry case included
  • High noise level of up to 80 dB

The Bottom Line

Theragun have certainly set the standard for percussion massagers in recent years, but if you're looking for a decent Theragun alternative at a more affordable price, there are plenty available in 2020. Any of the massage guns we've listed above can deliver a great deep tissue massage that will aid in pain relief and muscle recovery. 

These days there's a massager to suit every pocket, and our picks have covered all price ranges so that you can find one that suits you best. Whichever option you decide to buy, the benefits will far outweigh the investment.The best of our picks though definitely has to be the Lifepro Pulse FX and it's currently available at a REALLY good price

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