Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 Review – What You Need To Know Before Buying

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stamina air indoor rowing machine review

Did you know that the top selling home rowing machine on the market in 2021 costs nearly $1000? Yep, that’s pretty expensive for an exercise machine. And sure, it IS a very good rower, but the price won’t be for everyone.  If you’re looking for a rowing machine that won’t break the bank (but WILL still give you a sweat-inducing full body workout) you won’t want to miss our Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 review.

I’ve researched the Stamina ATS in depth and I’m pretty impressed – read on to see if you agree with my analysis!

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Benefits of a home rower

There are many benefits to rowing at home:

Increases muscle tone and strength: Rowing machines, in general, provide a really good quality, full body workout. In fact, they are better than many other exercise machines (including favorites like the treadmill and elliptical). Many muscles come into play when using a rower including the legs and quads, back, glutes, abs, shoulder and arms. Your rowing workout will help you gain muscle tone in all of these areas, and it strengthens the arms, shoulders and wrists.

Good cardio workout: Being a good cardio workout you will burn calories (which can help you to lose weight) and you will improve cardiovascular health.

Compact for small spaces: Rowing machines are also great for home use because they take up a relatively small space, and many are also foldable so you can easily store them away when not in use.

Affordable: A home rower can be expensive (up to $1000 for the top model) but you can actually get models that will give you a decent workout for a lot less. The cheapest of the cheap start at about $100, but for around $300 you can get a really good exercise machine that will be durable enough to last a long time.

On to the Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399, how does it work?

With an air rower, the air resistance is created by the air produced when you row slow, medium or hard (fast). When you pull on the handlebars it causes a flywheel with fan wheels spinning to create wind. You’re essentially pulling against the air the rower generates as you increase the pace of your rowing. The more wind you generate, the harder the rowing.

There are no handles or knobs to switch on/off to control air resistance – you’re basically controlling the Stamina ATS automatically by how hard you row. This makes it very easy to switch up or dial down your workout according to your needs. It is classified as a “variable resistance” air rower (as you can vary the air resistance based on your rowing intensity).

This resistance type is preferred by professional Olympic athletes when training off the water, so you’re in good company!

Variable resistance means you can incorporate HIIT (high intensity interval training) routines for faster and better results, without having to stop your workout to adjust resistance levels manually.

Type of monitor/control display

The Stamina Air rowing machine LCD monitor displays your speed, distance, time, rowing stroke info and calories burned. The digital screen is large enough so easy to follow. It isn’t backlit so it might be harder to see in a darker room, but for the most part it’s more than adequate, especially for the price.

Quality of build & comfort

  • The Stamina Air rowing machine has a comfortable padded upholstered seat designed for longer workouts and a smooth rowing experience
  • Large adjustable foot plates with strong nylon straps help to hold your feet in comfortably no matter how big or small.
  • It has strong padded handles with textured grips which are easy on your hands during the air rowing motion.
  • Steel inclined seat rail supports the sliding seat – which actually slides very smoothly.
  • There are floor protectors underneath the machine, safeguarding your working out area (wooden floor, carpets, tiles)
  • The built on wheels and easy to fold steel frame makes for easy storage, particularly if your living space is small.

Is it easy to store?

The machine folds down by 50% of its actual floor space, so it’s great for using in apartments, or for people who wish to maximize their living space.

To fold it down, talk the bolt out of the framework, fold it upward, put the bolt back in that secures it again, and just wheel it away.

Stamina ATS Air Rower capacity

This machine for its price, has a pretty good max capacity. The maximum user weight according to the manual is 250 pounds. A few customer reviews have stated that at up to 30lbs extra they were still able to use the rower, but I would be cautious about using it at any higher than about 270-280lbs.

The steel angled seat rail is designed for users with a wide range of heights from 5′ up to 6’4. Any taller and it’s unlikely you would be able to fully extend your legs. If you’re over 6’4 you can confirm whether or not it’s possible to use the Stamina Air Rower 1399 by calling the customer enquiry team (they may be able to provide an oversized seat rail). Customer feedback suggests that many taller users found the rower suitable in terms of leg room.

Actual size of Stamina air rower

Weight – 55 pounds (25kg)

Fully assembled size – 77″ x 18″ x 22″ (length, width.height)

Shipping dimensions – 45″x 24″x 9″ (length, width,height)

Folded – 48″ x 18″x 28

Self assembly – How easy is it?

Customers who buy the Stamina Air rower generally find it easy to assemble due to the clear and precise instructions. Most reviewers take approximately 20-30 minutes to put the rower together.  It comes with all the necessary tools so you don’t need anything extra.


  • Great level of wind resistance which you can control yourself by how hard you row
  • Strong, heavy duty, sturdy metal frame
  • Very competitive price (top level rowers can cost 3 times as much)
  • Easy storage as you can fold away the air rower as soon as you are finished using it
  • You can track calories burned so its a good way to lose weight
  • The built-in wheels make it easy to move around
  • The seat is made with comfort in mind with padding and upholstery – suitable for long rowing sessions
  • Excellent for both an upper and lower body workout from home (better than a treadmill which is lower body only)


  • No damper settings are available, so you control the resistance manually – pull harder and the fan will move faster, increasing the resistance (adjustable tension is only a feature on much more expensive models). This isn’t necessarily a negative though because it actually means you don’t have to stop your workout to adjust the tension – you can just row harder!
  • The monitor doesn’t measure using the metric system.
  • It can be a little noisier than some of the more expensive machines on the market. The noise is tolerable, but most people choose to listen to music using earphones to distract from the sound.

What do customers think? 

I read many Stamina ATS Air rower 1399 reviews to see what customers were saying, and the general consensus is that this is a decent air rower for the price (it’s one of the most affordable air rowers). If you’re don’t want to pay top dollar for a top of the range rower (almost $1000) most reviewers will tell you this is perfectly adequate for a good home workout.

There has been some confusion about the Stamina Air manual resistance controls – some people are not entirely clear that you create your own resistance with an air rower (row faster = higher resistance, row slower = resistance decreases). They were expecting to be able to adjust it manually, but for a function like that (which IMHO is not at all necessary) you’d have to look at a higher priced model.

Noise for some was a factor, the wind resistance effect of an air rower is not suitable for every customer needs. The “whoosh” sound as you row is quite loud, and although it’s unlikely to bother you as the rower (especially if you’ve got some earphones in) it might be annoying for the people you live with. As long as you’re in a different room though you should be ok. If you really do need a quiet exercise machine, a magnetic rower might be a better choice.

Overall, you’ll find that user reviews for this rower are very positive and most people are very happy with their investment.


The frame comes with 3 year warranty and the parts, a 90-day warranty.

Stamina has pretty good customer service reviews – a few users who reported problems generally managed to get them sorted pretty quickly, providing replacement parts if necessary.

As soon as customers purchase they are required to register the exercise machine. This ensures all details of the buyer are logged on the main company database, and makes dealing with any after sales issues a lot easier and more efficient.

How much does the rower cost? 

The price is one of the main attractions for this rower –  few high-quality fitness machines are so affordably priced. The fact that you can pay up to $1000 for a good air rower make this a real bargain and well worth the investment.

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Final verdict – is it worth the investment?

If you’re looking for a good home workout machine to give you a decent full body workout you’ll find the Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 is an excellent budget choice for most people. No matter what your fitness level, this will have something to offer in terms of helping you to get fit. Despite the reasonable price, it’s a sturdy steel frame machine and durable enough to last a long time.

If I was looking for something in this price range, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose a Stamina air rower, especially after checking out the customer reviews (which are overwhelmingly positive). It might not be perfect (as a mid-range rower it’s not the quietest), but for most people that won’t be an issue. Also, without manually adjustable air resistance level you control it by how hard you row, which is a feature that I like (this is especially good for HIIT workouts because you don’t have to stop your workout to adjust the resistance). For the price this has a really comfortable feeling, smooth rowing stroke that feels a lot more expensive than it is and makes it one of the best on the market.

For more information and to read customer reviews see the link below:

Check out the Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 on Amazon

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