Sole F63 vs F80 Compared – Which Should You Buy In 2021?

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2021 is a great year to buy your first treadmill or upgrade from an old one. Gone are the days when you had to go through a gym’s doors just to find a decent treadmill. Sole’s F series treadmills have proven to be every bit as good as anything you’ll find at the $5,000 mark, and considering their low price points, the Sole F63 and F80 models are nothing to sneeze at. Today our focus will be on comparing the Sole F63 vs F80, two best-in-class treadmills of which one costs about a third less than the other. These award-winning treadmills are two of the top picks in 2021 despite the F80’s slight advantage over the F63. This, if nothing else, is a testament to the quality and value of both treadmills.

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Sole F63 Treadmill

sole f63 vs f80Finding a treadmill of such quality under the $1,000 price point would have been unheard of just a few years ago. The F63 is a robust treadmill with a 20 by 60-inch running surface. Powered by a 3.0 Cont. Duty HP motor, the treadmill clocks a minimum and maximum speed of 1 mph and 12 mph respectively.

From a durable precision-welded frame to 2.5-inch rollers with sealed bearing design, the F63 has what it takes to run quietly, smoothly and for longer. Adding double woven 2-ply belts, which consist of a middle PVC layer and two rubber layers wrapped in nylon backing, into the mix only adds to the treadmill’s durability.

It comes with a back-lit 6.5-inch LCD display, Bluetooth speakers, one USB port, and an integrated tablet holder as well.

Sole F80 Treadmill

sole f80 vs f63 comparisonThe Sole F80 has a more modern look than the F63 mainly because of two things. One, it’s got a vibrant 9-inch LCD display, and two, a wider running surface.

If you choose this over the F63, you will be getting a two-inch width increment on your running surface (it measures 22 by 60 inches), a 3.5 Cont. Duty HP motor, and the aforementioned 9-inch display.

The F80 is not such a drastic upgrade from the F63. However, it does come with all the bells and whistles of the F63 — Bluetooth connectivity (and speakers), high-end rollers, a precision-welded frame, 10 pre-installed programs, and a 2-ply belt — so you won’t be missing much at all if you decide to go with the F80.

One of the few upgrades is in the motor. A 3.5 CHP motor replaces the 3.0 CHP motor of the F63, and even though they share the same top speed (12 mph), the F80 is capable of slowing down to a sluggish 0.5 mph, which is half the minimum speed of the F63.

It’s time to take a side by side look at the F63 and as well as the F80. Both are great value for your money, and both feature the nifty Sole Easy Assist Folding Deck design, which makes setting them up a breeze.

What they Share – Sole F80 vs F63

Cushion Flex Whisper Deck

When you take a look at the Sole F63 vs F80, you’ll find that you’ll be getting the same enhanced levels of comfort thanks to Sole’s unique deck design. The cushion flex whisper deck is not only quieter, but it is also more comfortable, and this is because it reduces impact by up to 40%.

15 Levels of Incline

Both treadmills are built for runners of all skill levels since they both have a total of 15 incline levels. This gives you a lot of speed options whether you’re power-walking, jogging, or bursting into a full-on sprint.

High Torque Motors with Flywheels

Both treadmills have excellent high torque motors that are balanced by zinc-coated flywheels. The flywheels drastically reduce the vibration whether you’re walking or running, and by reducing the draw of the motor, they extend its lifespan considerably. You get more or less the same fluid running/walking experience with either treadmill.

Great Build Quality

Precision-welded, epoxy powder-coated steel frames, heavy-duty chassis, high quality 2.5-inch rollers, woven 2-ply belts, and numerous redundant safety features (Safety Lock Deck design, large stop button, low-speed start) are features that can be enjoyed on either treadmill. Both the F63 and the F80 are well-built and made to last.

Bluetooth Connectivity

It’s nice to see that both treadmills will allow you to connect with fitness devices during your workout. Bluetooth connectivity is a feature that’s quite handy these days, and with either of these treadmills, you can link to your fitness device to see all that information on the display.

A Bluetooth sound system is also a very nice touch. No more do you have to struggle with headphone wires as you can listen to music directly from a Bluetooth-enabled device.

10 Work out Programs

There are two custom programs, six standard programs, and two heart rate programs equipped in both the F80 and the F63 as well as a heart rate monitor with chest straps and cooling fans. You can get the same level of workout intensity from both treadmills as they both offer several different programs.

Integrated Tablet Holder

The newest models of the F63 and the F80 both come with an integrated tablet holder. This is rather convenient for those who like to keep up with the news or watch their favorite shows while working out.

Sole F63 vs F80 Comparison – The Differences

6.5-inch Display vs. 9-inch Display

The F80 has a bigger, more vibrant screen, but you’re not missing a lot in terms of pixel density or picture quality.

Though the 6.5-inch LCD on the F63 is 2.5 inches smaller than the 9-inch LCD on the F80, both are standard back-lit white displays. However, the F80 offers you a better view of your workout stats thanks to the bigger screen.

Running Surface Width

The F80 has a running surface that’s marginally wider than that of the F63. It measures 22 by 60 inches while the F63 is 20 inches wide by 60 inches long.


The F80 triumphs over the F63 when it comes to raw power. Its 3.5 CHP motor gives slightly more power than the 3.0 CHP motor on the F63. Despite this, however, both treadmills have a top speed of 12 mph.

Minimum Speed

The F80 can run at half the lowest speed of the F63, and that’s 0.5 mph. Is this a big deal? It depends on your workout. A change in speed, even one as small as this, can allow you to tweak your workout to suit your needs specifically. The F63 can’t go lower than 1 mph, which is still slow enough for most walking exercises.

Final Take – Which Should You Buy?

When looking at the two side by side and comparing the Sole F80 vs F63 you’ll find that the differences are only minimal. Despite being more expensive than the F63, the F80 is only marginally better and more or less shares equal footing with the former treadmill.

A wider surface, a larger screen, and a more powerful motor are what you’ll be spending on if you go for the F80, but even with the F63, you won’t be missing much.

If your budget is tight, then the F63 is as good as an option as any. However, if you feel like extra running space, a better motor, and a larger screen can make a difference in your daily workout, then there’s no reason not to get the F80.

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