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OYO Personal Gym Review: Affordable, Portable – But Is It Worth It?

By Ryan Smith / March 21, 2020
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oyo personal gym review

Portable home gym products are super popular right now with those who travel, have little time for working out, or just can’t make it to the gym. Like many of the most popular portable home gym systems that are available right now, the OYO Personal Gym started as a Kickstarter project. Over 4000 backers were involved in bringing it to life, and in 2020 it has evolved into one of the most popular total body workout devices on the market. The minute I first came across the OYO Personal Gym I had to check it out. It might look like a strange device, but the affordable price, use of Spiraflex technology, and volume of positive customer reviews on Amazon piqued my curiosity!  Read my OYO Personal Gym review for my opinion on it…

What is OYO Personal Gym and Spiraflex?

The inventor and CEO of OYO Fitness Paul Francis, invented Spiraflex technology for NASA to counter bone and muscle loss in astronauts when in zero gravity. It has now been used for over a decade on the International Space Station (ISS) to keep astronauts fit and strong. A 16 week study by NASA of this technology vs free weights found that both provided similar benefits. The popular Bowflex Revolution Home Gym also uses the same innovative Spiraflex technology.

Weights can have safety issues including joint stress, strains etc. and are also not very portable. SpiraFlex utilizes smooth linear isotonic resistance comparable to free weights – but without weight. That makes it very safe and easy to use, even for older people or for rehabilitation.

He wanted to find a way to incorporate this technology into a lightweight fitness product that could be used by anyone, and that would provide the same benefit as free weights. The OYO Personal Gym was created, and OYO (On Your Own) has since become one of the fastest-growing fitness brands in the world.

This portable exercise device is designed to build muscle, burn fat, strengthen various muscle groups (chest, back, arms, abs, core, and legs), and improve cardio endurance while being very compact and lightweight. Nick Bolton, OYO Fitness Director, has developed over 60 workout programs and videos for both men and women to use with their gym system.

Here’s a quick video overview from OYO Fitness:

Inside The OYO Personal Gym Package

When you purchase the OYO Personal Gym, here are the items you will receive in the package:

  • The OYO Personal Gym LE
  • One 5-pounds SpiraFlex disc
  • Two 10-pounds SpiraFlex disc
  • 1 door anchor
  • Two foot anchors
  • Nutrition guide
  • Excercise guide/wall chart
  • 90 day money-back guarantee & 3 YEAR WARRANTY

As mentioned above, you also get access to the free OYO coaching app with over 60 workout guides, and you can watch 197 workout videos online. The guided workouts are pretty decent, and there are also challenges that might motivate you.

How to set up the OYO Personal Gym (And Some Exercises)

Rather than me trying to explain how to set it up watch this video from the company (this is OYO fitness director Nick Bolton) showing how quick and easy it is to use:

My OYO Personal Gym Review

At first glance, this device offers a really good first impression due to its compactness, ultra-lightweight, and interesting innovative design. You might wonder if it is strong and sturdy enough to do such a wide range of exercises, but it really is. It’s designed for regular use and even comes with an impressive 3 year warranty!

Workouts and challenges included – works a wide range of muscle groups

The OYO Personal Gym is very effective to use for various muscle groups from leg exercises to shoulder, arms, and abs/core exercises. It comes with a very intuitive OYO app that provides access to 60-ish workout guides and hundreds of workout videos for free. These workouts include different kinds of strength training, walking activities, indoor cycling, HIIT training, yoga postures, and others. As you can see, it’s pretty versatile.

There’s also a 10-week challenge program that beginners and veterans alike will probably find motivating (who doesn’t love a good challenge?). It includes both exercise and a nutrition plan and is an excellent way to jumpstart your body transformation. According to OYO’s fitness director, the average results from this 10 week challenge are a loss of 17 lbs and 19 inches! (Results may vary and workouts are done 3-5 times per week)

The idea is that with these different workout programs that are available to download, users can do these workouts at their own pace and find the right workout for them.

Versatile and portable

This fitness device provides us with a simple way to perform a full-body workout with ease since you don’t have to use a lot of different equipment. We know that a full-body workout is very effective both to burn fat and build muscle but many of us struggle with space. Not everyone can afford, or has the space for, a roomful of heavy equipment. This is where the OYO Personal Gym can fill the gap with its portability (it even folds in two). Workout at home or at the office – it’s easy to get a quick workout in anywhere with this device.

Spiraflex technology as used by NASA to build and maintain muscle mass

OYO doesn’t use traditional free weights but instead uses what’s called the SpiraFlex technology, which has been used by NASA for their astronauts’ workouts in space. According to NASA’s study, it has been proven effective to build muscle and burn fat in space, in a shorter time span compared to free weights. A device backed by science and powered by the same technology that NASA uses for strength training (tested by astronauts) is almost guaranteed to be good quality and product results.

Lightweight and easy to use

With less than 2 pounds of total weight, the very compact, ultra-lightweight OYO Personal Gym offers a resistance of 10 pounds up to 25 pounds in total, in 5-pound increments. You can simply “snap” the SpiraFlex FlexPacks to switch between different resistance levels, so it’s extremely easy to use. It is also worth noting that adding resistance won’t increase the device’s actual weight.

Pros and Cons of OYO Personal Gym

Based on our review and test for this workout device, here are the pros and cons of the product:


  • Portable design, compact and ultra-lightweight, but offers a total-body workout experience anywhere
  • Can support a broad range of exercises
  • Easy-to-use, fitness beginners can easily benefit from it while intermediate and advanced users can still get a sense of progression
  • Addresses all different aspects of fitness experience, and can be used virtually anywhere
  • Quick and effective results comparable to traditional free weights
  • Easy to store anywhere due to its small size
  • Quiet during use
  • Excellent customer service, full 3-year warranty


  • Only 25 pounds of total resistance, which might not be enough for people who are already buff (this is for fitness, toning and weight loss – not for bodybuilding)

Final thoughts – Is it worth investing in?

If we compare the OYO Personal Gym with other popular resistance based home gyms (e.g. the Gorilla Bow) you’ll find that this stands up pretty well and definitely does its job as a total body workout tool. It can’t be directly compared to any other home gyms though as this product uses technology and design that is unique to OYO Fitness.

Its ultra-portability and lightweight design (weighing in at just 2lbs) and also the unique SpiraFlex technology that can provide up to 25lbs resistance level.

It’s suitable for any fitness level, and people of all ages can enjoy the benefits of this fitness tool. It’s extremely versatile too and can be used for everything from HIIT to weight training to cardio to yoga. The included exercise videos and challenges make it pretty complete as a workout system.

The OYO is not for everyone though.

If you’re a bodybuilder and lift heavy the first thing you probably noticed in this OYO Personal Gym review is the 25lb resistance. For weight lifters, this isn’t going to be enough resistance to replace the heavier free weights in the gym. Check out our other portable gym options.

This device is for those who are looking to fit fitness into a busy lifestyle with a portable gym for the home, office or travel. It doesn’t necessarily replace a gym membership depending on what you like to do at the gym. It IS however, enough to build strength and maintain fitness for those who don’t have time for the gym and prefer to workout at home or on the go.

We’d definitely recommend the OYO Personal Gym if you are currently looking for home training equipment that can help you perform a total body workout in a limited space. It can be used to help you get toned, fit and lose weight. Just remember if you’re a bodybuilder that it’s not a replacement for heavy weights.

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