Best Massage Gun Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2020 – BIG Savings!

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Massagers are becoming increasingly popular in the last few years as more and more people choose to treat their own pains and aches rather than visit an expensive massage therapist or physiotherapist. In fact, our situation in 2020 (thanks to Covid-19) has made it almost impossible to get an appointment with a professional. So you may have no choice but to find a product that will help you do the job yourself! The good news is that there are going to be some amazing massage gun Black Friday deals available in time for the holidays. And most of these will probably last at least as far as Cyber Monday and maybe even for a few days beyond.

best massage gun 2020

This year Black Friday will be falling on Friday, November 27th so you’ll want to keep your eyes open in the weeks leading up to it as many percussion massager deals will be posted early! Plus check back regularly as we’ll be keeping this page updated – whenever we find a new deal we’ll post it right here. So let’s get started with massage gun discounts that are already available (there are a few if you want to get shopping straight away!)

Lifepro Massage Gun Black Friday Deals

Lifeprofitness are one of the top manufacturers of quality fitness equipment, including massage guns, in 2020. They’ve quickly grown into a massive company and are well known for their excellent customer service and products that work! They have a huge range of percussion massage guns (17 in total) and all are on sale for this Black Friday. You can check out the full range here.

Consistently their most popular throughout 2020 though has to be the Pulse FX. In terms of power, this easily competes with top models such as the Theragun. Although it doesn’t have Bluetooth (do we really need that anyway?) it pretty much works the same, but costs significantly less.

Right now it’s just $299, but if you use coupon code SAVE30 you can get 10% off! Just click here to get the deal on the official website.

OPOVE Discounts and Deals – 25% off!

opove m3 pro reviewOpove have a great Halloween deal going on right now, and is probably the same deal we’ll get for Black Friday. Their products are already very reasonable (quite similar to the Hypervolt but at half the price!) so the current 25% off is an excellent deal.

Visit OPOVE, use coupon code FALL2020 until November 1st to get 25% off. Just add your product to the cart and then apply the coupon code on the checkout page.

Theragun Sale – Not yet, come back soon…

Theragun are expensive all year round – the most expensive brand on the market today. So their Black Friday sale is always highly anticipated when it’s probably the only time you can get a good saving on their products. Last year their top massage therapy device was the $599 G3PRO which was reduced by $150 to $449.

We’re hoping to see a similar discount this year on their new 2020 Bluetooth Theragun PRO which also retails at $599 (see our comparison of the 2019 G3Pro vs 2020 PRO) for more info). They also have a number of cheaper models including the Prime, the Elite and the Mini, all of which will probably be on sale by Black Friday week so check back again for links to the best prices we find for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Ekrin Athletics Discounts Available

Ekrin Athletics are currently offering their flagship Ekrin B37, mini Ekrin Bantam and new 2020 Ekrin B37S for 20% off – a significant saving on the normal retail price!

Visit Ekrin Athletics HERE and enter coupon code TFF20 to get 20% off today!

2019 Hypervolt Reduced (More Discounts To Come!)

Last year’s Hypervolt, which was on sale at $350 year round (and reduced to $299 on Black Friday) is now available for just $279. The reason it’s reduced so much is because a newer Bluetooth version was released in 2020, but other than the Bluetooth the massager works exactly the same. So if you’re not bothered about having the Bluetooth, then it’s a good offer.

Hypervolt don’t generally start their sale until Black Friday itself so it may yet be reduced further. And of course the new 2020 model will also probably be discounted when the time comes. So come back again during Black Friday week and we’ll keep you posted! For now though, here’s the 2019 version – still a great product and absolutely worth checking out:

Massage Guns On Amazon

Amazon have A LOT of massage guns available. Many are great with fantastic reviews, some not so good. Unfortunately, with the sheer amount of 3rd party sellers importing from China you’ll find that there are a few duds. Also, a few fakes have been known to make their way onto the platform. Make sure you do your research and don’t believe every review that you read. And if you see a “big name” brand selling their product for ridiculously cheap, make sure you double check that the seller is authorized by the brand. Otherwise, you might find that your “Hypervolt” isn’t really a Hypervolt! Here are some of our top picks on Amazon

If you’re buying a massage gun either for yourself or a loved one this holiday season make sure you use one of the available discounts. Don’t pay full price when you can save up to $100 (or more) depending on the brand. This is a great time to either get your percussion massager super cheap or to buy a more expensive model for a reduced price.

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