Kraftgun vs Theragun Comparison: Who’s The Winner?

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kraftgun vs theragunTwo of the most popular massage guns in 2020 are the Theragun G3PRO and the Kraftgun. We’ve decided to put the two head to head to find out which REALLY is the better model. Features such as speed, amplitude, stall force, sound and even shipping and price are all important factors to take into consideration. We compare the Kraftgun vs Theragun in depth below.

Note: If Theragun is out of your price range and you’re not interested in waiting the ridiculously long 7-9 weeks it takes Kraftgun to ship, we recommend checking out the Lifepro Pulse FX on Amazon as an excellent alternative.

In fact, if you compare Kraftgun vs Pulse FX side by side you’ll find they’re almost exactly the same product (features & specs), just a different color. It also compares very favorably to the Theragun!

Theragun came first

theragun g3pro

Theragun G3PRO

Theragun was founded in 2008 by chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland – after being in a motorcycle accident he created a hand held percussion massager device in order to treat his own injuries. When he found that it relieved his chronic muscle pain he knew he was onto something, and since then has been involved in much research into recovery, muscle activation, and pain relief using percussive therapy.

A number of years was spent developing and refining different versions of the product. The flagship model was launched on the market in 2016, and in 2018 the company’s newest professional grade percussive therapy device, the Theragun G3PRO, was released. The Theragun G3Pro is now used by athletes, sports teams, and people everywhere.

Enter the Kraftgun



The Theragun is thought to be the first ever “massage gun” of its kind on the market, but there have been many similar products launched since. Many come nowhere near the “original and best”, but a massage gun called Kraftgun was released in 2019 claiming to be the “most powerful massage gun on the market” AND “the world’s first noise free massage gun powered by Samsung”. Kraftgun very quickly became popular due to some very aggressive social media marketing, and is currently one of the most searched for massage guns.

But does it really live up to its claims?

We’re now going to compare the Kraftgun vs Theragun features to see which really IS the better of the two, and which you should (or shouldn’t!) buy…

Kraftgun vs Theragun Comparison


The Theragun offers 2 speeds of 1750 RPM (revolutions per minute) and 2400 RPM. Kraftgun has 3 speeds that range from 1800 – 2400 RPM.


Both models have the same high amplitude of 16mm. The amplitude is basically how deep the massage head will push into the muscle. A higher amplitude is especially important to reach deeper muscles that are further from the skin’s surface (e.g the glutes). Most massage guns have a lower amplitude, with 12mm being the average.

Stall Force

Kraftgun advertise their stall force as 66-80lbs (which is actually the highest I’ve seen anywhere). Theragun’s is 60lbs. Stall force is the amount of force you can apply to the massager before it “stalls” or cuts out (for safety). A super high stall force isn’t really necessary – 60lbs will be more than enough for anyone – especially with a high amplitude like these two have.

Battery Life

The Theragun comes with 2 swappable batteries that have a combined battery life of 150 minutes (75 minutes each). Kraftgun has one unremovable battery that lasts about 3.5 hours on a single charge, so slightly longer. We like the idea of the swappable batteries though because it means one can be charged while the other is in use.


Massage guns no longer sound like a helicopter in your room and neither are particularly loud like earlier models. Kraftgun advertises itself as noise-free – which is not quite true because it’s actually about 65 dB (that’s not even the quietest massage gun on the market). Theragun goes up to about 75 dB, so not a huge amount louder. Both are quite comfortable to use sound wise, even in public places like the gym.


Both come with a travel case to house your massage gun and the attachments.


Kraftgun has just 4 attachments whereas the Theragun has 6.


Here’s one aspect where there’s a massive difference. Whether you buy the Theragun from the official website, from Amazon, or from another online retailer, your order will be shipped immediately and you should get it delivered to you within days. Possibly even next day if you choose that option when shipping (see shipping options on Amazon).

Kraftgun have had problems with distribution in recent months, and have a very long lead time. In fact on their checkout page they currently state that due to high demand it will take 7-9 weeks to ship it! So if you’re buying a massager out of necessity (e.g. for pain relief from an injury), this probably isn’t the option for you. You’ll want a massage gun that you can use immediately.


Kraftgun is priced at $369 and Theragun at – vastly different prices for a product that essentially offers almost exactly the same thing. Kraftgun are currently offering a discount of $70 though (because of their long wait time) so you can currently buy for just $299. You could be waiting 2-3 months for your order though…

Kraftgun vs Theragun: Which Should You Buy?

theragun vs kraftgunBoth are actually great products with very similar features and specifications. Speed, amplitude and stall force are all in the same range making them equally effective percussion massagers when it comes to getting results. Both get excellent customer reviews and are high quality products.

However, when comparing Theragun vs Kraftgun though there are a few things that might sway your decision one way or another.

Do you want you massage gun quickly? Then Kraftgun isn’t the one for you – at the time of writing your order won’t be shipped for another 7-9 weeks. You could get your Theragun in the next few days (or sooner) if you buy from a retailer like Amazon.

Want to save money, and don’t mind the wait? Then Kraftgun is the better option. Because of the long wait time they’re offering a $70 discount off your purchase, so you can get it for just $299. Theragun costs a whopping (even though the products have VERY similar specs). If you’re planning on buying it as a gift, make sure you buy it in plenty of time though.

There are a few other minor differences – for example Kraftgun is slightly quieter – although not exactly “noise free” as advertised. The battery is non removable though – whereas the Theragun has 2 swappable batteries (slightly more convenient as you never have any downtime while your massage device is charging). The Theragun also has 6 attachments vs the Kraftgun’s 4, but we’re not sure that makes it worth paying almost double the price for it!

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