Best Hypervolt & Theragun Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals 2021

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black friday deals on massage gunsIf you’ve been looking for a good deal on massage guns (also known as percussion massagers), Black Friday week is definitely the best time to buy. The Hypervolt and Theragun Cyber Monday deals that are offered during this time are usually better than any other time of the year.

A percussion massager would make a fantastic gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life (or for yourself!) and it’s not just for fans of exercise. Many people use massagers to find pain relief from all sorts of muscle issues, from sedentary office workers to professional athletes. The most popular models, the Hypervolt 2 and Theragun PRO, are usually pretty expensive but have massive reductions at the moment for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is a great time to get a discount and save big on the massage gun of your choice.

Hypervolt Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals 2021

The Black Friday Hypervolt sale is now on!

You can buy the Hypervolt 2 and Hypervolt 2 Pro (both are the 2021 versions with Bluetooth) at their Black Friday prices. Also the Hypervolt Go (Hyperice’s mini massage gun).

Hyperice Hypervolt Mini Massage Gun Black Friday Deal


Check Hypervolt Go Black Friday price on Amazon

or get it on Rogue Fitness: – Was $199 Now $159 (Save $40)

Hypervolt 2 PRO (Hyperice’s Top of the Range 2021 Model) Black Friday Deal

Get the Hypervolt 2 Pro on Amazon

or get it on Rogue Fitness – Was $399 Now $329 (Save $70!)

Hypervolt 2 2021 (Bluetooth) Black Friday Offer

Get the Hypervolt 2 Black Friday deal  on Amazon

or get it on Rogue Fitness – Was $299 Now $249 (Save $50)

Theragun Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals 2021

theragun black friday sale
Get $200 off the Theragun PRO here

The Theragun PRO is the undisputed “KING” when it comes to percussion massagers and it now comes with BLUETOOTH! It’s the world leader in percussive therapy, and was the first of its kind (massage gun type percussion massager). It was invented by renowned chiropractor, Dr. Jason Wersland, to bring himself pain relief after a serious motorcycle accident and he found that it really worked. Since then it has evolved into a product that has become a favorite of professional athletes & sports teams, physiotherapists, trainers, doctors and anyone looking to improve muscle recovery after workouts and treat pain.

The Theragun is normally priced at $599 all year round so is one of the most expensive massagers on the market. On Black Friday this year you can get $200 off, which is a significant saving. This deal usually only comes around once a year, so if you don’t get one now you might have to wait until Black Friday next year!

The best place to get this deal is on Amazon.(Free shipping included)

Also available now at Black Friday prices (up to $100 off):

Theragun Elite:  Check Black Friday price on Amazon

Theragun Prime:  Check Black Friday price on Amazon

Theragun Mini :  Check Black Friday price on Amazon

Theragun & Hypervolt alternatives (If you’re looking for something cheaper)

If you’re on a budget and you still really want to get your hands on a percussion massager I also recommend some of the following cheaper offers. There are a few massage guns on the market that are fantastic alternatives (with the same great massaging power) but a lot more affordable!

Our favorite range of massage guns is the Lifepro range where you can choose from a number of different options. Check out Lifepro massage guns and get up to 20% off (deals starting at just $79.99)

The best Hypervolt alternative on the market is the OPOVE M3 PRO Max. It even looks quite similar, however at this price point it doesn’t come with Bluetooth. This has has excellent reviews and costs only $169 with their current $50 discount. FREE case included. 

Get the OPOVE M3 Pro Max for just $169 ($50 off)

Why should you buy a massage gun this holiday season?

If you’ve had your eye on buying a percussion massager this year, then you’ll probably already know that the Theragun and the Hypervolt are the two most popular on the market. They’re not cheap though, particularly the Theragun, so Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a great time to snap one up at a reduced price. Unlike many Black Friday “deals” available at the moment, these are GENUINE reductions, and they only seem to be discounted during this short week, so this is the best time to buy one. You might not find prices like this again until Black Friday next year!

A top rated massage gun would make an excellent Christmas/holiday gift for a friend or family member. Because the prices are so good right now though, you may just decide to buy one for yourself!

Who would benefit from using a Theragun or Hypervolt?

Anyone, old or young, male or female! You don’t have to be a fitness person to benefit from a massager (anyone with muscle issues can use one), but they’re particularly popular for use before or after a workout. They can warm up muscles, relieve tension, soreness and pain, increase range of motion, improve blood flow and treat issues such as muscle knots. Their design makes them easy to use on yourself for a good deep tissue massage, even on hard to reach areas.

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