Gorilla Bow Review – Can a Simple BOW Replace the Gym?

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Gorilla bow on AmazonIn our Gorilla Bow review we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about this product and why it’s one that you might want to add to your workout regime. This modern resistance band training kit has soared in popularity since it came on the market via a Kickstarter in 2017, and is currently one of the top selling portable home gyms in 2020.

Some of the benefits advertised are increased muscle mass, weight loss, toning, improved balance, reduction in joint pain, and increased acceleration and speed. But is this rather simple looking “bar and band” piece of equipment really that good? Let’s take a closer look at what it is and how it works.

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What is the Gorilla Bow?

The Gorilla Bow is a home gym workout tool with a classic bow and arrow shape design, but with resistance bands that are designed to provide a full body workout experience from home (or on the go). It’s super lightweight and takes up little space. The bands are also small and portable, so when it comes to on-the-go training, you just toss them in your travel bag and take them with you.

Many people prefer using bands for resistance training rather than free weights as they deliver more of a smooth and fluid movement that lowers risk of injury, reduces stress on joints and improves balance.

benefits of the portable home gym

What to expect from the Gorilla Bow design?

Here is a more in-depth look into the Gorilla Bow design structure:

Durable Aircraft-grade aluminum

The bow is the same design as the classic bow and arrow, but the material is aircraft-grade aluminum. The aircraft-grade aluminum is popular because it is of high-tensile strength and lightweight too. This makes the Gorilla bow very portable because the combined weight of the Gorilla bow and the resistance bands is only 8 pounds (approximately).

The aircraft-grade aluminum is not the material you see on those crushable energy drink cans though. It’s the type that can take 300 pounds of force and won’t bend or snap.

Interchangeable resistance bands

additional resistance bandsThe Gorilla Bow comes with a set of interchangeable resistance bands so you can increase or decrease the resistance to suit your strength. There are four latex resistance cables to offer 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 32 pounds, and 45 pounds resistance (heavier resistance bands can also be purchased).

Attaching the resistance cables is easy. Each end of the gorilla bow has a “flexclaw,” allowing for easy strapping and unstrapping of the resistance cables. You can strap up to 4 different resistance bands onto the Gorilla Bow at the same time. Which means you try out different resistance levels for each exercise.

The resistance bands are also long and stretchy enough, allowing you to perform full-body HIIT workouts. Speaking of exercises, here is a look at the exercises you can perform with your Gorilla Bow.

Gorilla Bow Exercises – You can quit the gym!

It’s true, you can swap the gym for your Gorilla bow if you wanted to as you can do pretty much any exercise using this training kit. Side bends, squats, deadlifts, calf raises, lunges, twists, crunches, rows, lat pulldowns, shoulder presses, chest presses, bicep curls and more can all be accomplished using the Gorilla Fitness resistance training system. It’s a fullĀ home gym in one small portable package, and is much cheaper than standard home gym equipment such as Total Gym.

With your bow you also get access to a full library of free workout videos that will help you to tone and build all muscle groups. It’s not just for resistance training exercises though – you can also use the Gorilla Fitness bow for Tabata and full body HIIT workouts.

Here’s an example video showing how to do a deadlift:

What users like about the Gorilla Bow

There are many pros to this piece of gym resistance fitness technology:

  • You can exercise using this home gym training kit anywhere: Gym, beach, park or home – it’s fully portable (choose the travel version that can be separated into two pieces).
  • Durable, portable, high-tensile aircraft aluminum. It really feels like you can push hard when working out without the bow snapping or cracking.
  • Suitable for any fitness level – there is a Lite version which is cheaper and offers less resistance – or for serious weight lifters, there are stronger resistance bands available.
  • It exercises both sides of the muscle groups
  • 2-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Travel bag included for band storage

What users did not like

The original isn’t that portable for air travel – The main Gorilla Bow isn’t very easy to fly with seeing as it doesn’t fold (and is quite long). This is a problem that existed with the original model, but not any more. If you want a bow that’s ultra portable and can be disassembled into 3 x 21 inch pieces, designed to fit in your backpack (or to be stored in small places) – you can choose the Gorilla Fitness Travel Bow. It IS slightly more expensive than the original, but worth it if you travel a lot and want to take some lightweight workout equipment with you. If you’re not travelling with it, or are just travelling locally, the main bow is just fine (it easily fits in the trunk of a car).

You may have to purchase extra bands – If you’re already a seasoned weight lifter the bands included by Gorilla Fitness might not provide enough tension for a serious workout. The original model contains 4 resistance training bands totaling 110 lbs of resistance – 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs and 50lbs which are suitable for beginner to intermediate lifters. If you need something a bit stronger there’s a heavy set of bands available, and an ultra heavy set with 2 x 80lb and 2 x 90lb bands.

Here’s how quick and easy it is to change bands:

Final verdict – do we recommend Gorilla Bow?

Whether you’re just looking for a new challenge, can’t make it to the gym, or need a mobile training kit that you can take with you on the go, Gorilla Bow should fit the bill. It’s just a simple classic bow design with interchangeable resistance bands, but it makes it lightweight enough to work out anytime, anywhere. Despite how light it is, it’s still extremely strong, durable and built to last.

This portable home gym can be used to target any muscle group, making it enough to replace your gym membership (should you decide that’s what you want). So even if you think it’s expensive for a resistance band workout tool, it’s a very good investment that can save you money in the long run.

Just remember that although there are cheaper alternatives available, it doesn’t mean they’re the same quality – they’re unlikely to be as durable and well made. Knockoffs have been known to snap easily (something that won’t happen with your Gorilla Bow as it can withstand over 300lbs of tension.) With a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and plenty of exercises available you can use your bow to get fit, tone up, lose weight, or just stay healthy. If resistance training is your thing then it’s about as versatile a fitness product as you can get. Definitely recommended!

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Which Gorilla Bow should you buy?

There are 3 different products in the range – the original, the travel version, and the lite version.

If you want a bow that’s a bit smaller with a little less resistance (a max of 120lbs) the Lite bow might be for you. It weighs just 3lbs and measures 47 inches in length. It’s also a little cheaper than the others and is most suitable for beginners.

The Travel bow is for users who want to do a full body workout on the go. It’s the same size (56 inches in length), weight (6lbs) and weight capacity (300lbs) as the Gorilla Bow, but it can be separated into 3 pieces that will easily fit in a backpack or travel bag. It’s the most expensive option of the three, but worth it if you travel a lot.

The original Gorilla Bow should suit everyone else, and for heavy lifters there are additional heavier weight capacity bands available to purchase.

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