Ergatta vs Hydrow – 2 Best Interactive Smart Rowers Compared

The Ergatta and the Hydrow are two of the newest and hottest home rowing machines on the market in 2022. They are awesome state of the art connected rowers and well worth the investment if you can afford the relatively high price tag. Each machine offers a unique rowing experience provided using HD, touch screen displays and much more.

We want to help you understand which rower is the best for you. While they have some similarities, you’ll probably find one suits your style and circumstances better than the other. Both machines differ in design, technology, weight capacity, experience and comfort. We’re going to look at the main features of the Ergatta vs Hydrow to see which is better.  After doing this we’ll pick a final winner! Let’s get started.

Ergatta vs Hydrow Design

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The Hydrow has a stunning futuristic looking sculptural design, it has a signature cast aluminum top rail and slick and slender profile. The rower has plenty space to feel at home while you sit on the seat, adjust the 22-inch screen monitor, and get comfy with the handles

Created to be a modern-looking centerpiece for your room, it’s not one you would want to move around too much. It weighs over 140 lbs and doesn’t fold (you will need plenty floor space for this one), however it can be stored upright.

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The Ergatta is a beautiful piece of furniture, great looking and one that must be admired for its elegance and craftsmanship. The machine has a compact cherry wood frame. The base boasts a unique water canister with a spinning flywheel. This delivers smooth resistance, giving the user an on-water rowing experience (you will hear the swooshing water sounds as you drive the strokes)

This machine weighs only 103 lbs (a lot less than the Hydrow) and has a smaller monitor around 17.3 inches. The weight without water is just 76.5 lbs. Because it’s not too heavy, it’s quite easy to move around.

It’s a close call which machine wins on design. It may just come down to whether or not it suits your current decor. Whether you prefer the modern, sleek look of the Hydrow, or the beautiful cherry wood crafted frame of the Ergatta – both are attractive pieces that will look impressive in your home.

Winner: Draw

If you’re basing your decision solely on the design of the rower both look great and your decision will be down to personal preference.

Hydrow vs Ergatta – How To Store

Ergatta stored upright

The Ergatta can be packed away upright to save on living space. In fact, the Ergatta only takes up the same amount of space as a bar stool when standing up vertically. Because it has wheels on the back of the rower, a single person can move it around effortlessly from room to room. The monitor can be folded down to keep it safe and minimize the space the rower takes up.

The Hydrow can also be stored upright BUT should not be done so without the Hydrow Upright Storage Kit. If you’re short on space and want to store it out of the way sometimes, this piece of kit is a must. However, it does cost an extra $80 to purchase. While the storage process (once the kit is installed) only takes about 30 seconds Hydrow recommends you find a friend to help the first time you do it. In the vertical position, it takes up just 33 inches of space.

Winner: Ergatta

While they’re both easy to store upright, the Hydrow requires you to purchase an extra storage kit. The Ergatta is also lighter and easy to move around with the wheels on the back of the frame.

Technology – Which rower offers the best?

Hydrow are the only company that offers a Live Outdoor Reality (LOR) experience. This is a live streaming service with on-demand workouts led by world-class rowing athletes. You can watch them demonstrate on your monitor and really immerse yourself in the experience.

You can tap into the vast library of workout content and choose from various categories according to your specific needs. New material is added daily from different locations so you will never lose interest or motivation. With Hydrow you are a part of a rowing community that offers leader board incentives and great competition opportunities.

Ergatta creates a gaming-type experience that is more progression-driven. You use the Push Programs to reach your pre-set goals (focus falls on improved endurance/power/technique). Push Programs are sets of Race and Interval challenges that involve a timeframe, workout sequences that unlock as you progress, and then a final challenge.

The 17 plus inch monitor has a HD touchscreen display. Heart monitors are also supported (Wi-Fi required) – brands such as Polar, Garmin etc can be connected via Bluetooth.

HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are readily available, these are designed to test your ability regardless of your ability (starter or advanced)

You can use the Race Workout options – this is you up against another Ergatta rower who may be at your skill or ability level. Your skill will be determined by the calibrations from your initial workouts.

Ergatta Race Dashboard

The other option is the Open Row, you just go on your own and row at your own pace, setting a time or distance as your main goal. During the workouts, it is easy to retrieve all your data which is displayed on screen in bright colors.

Winner: Draw

Which machine wins on technology? It’s a draw because both offer state of the art, top of the range technology although different experiences. Hydrow gives you live “on the water” workouts and fitness classes with professional rowers (quite like the Peloton). The Ergatta is a high tech, connected rower that offers more of a competitive gaming experience instead of trainer led clases.

Resistance – magnetic vs water

The Hydrow offers software-driven electromagnetic resistance, resistance which is frictionless with a strong woven strap (not a cheap clunky chain). The resistance is computer controlled, so the computer adjusts your stroke levels continuously to ensure comfort is maintained throughout. It is quieter than a water rowing machine and most other traditional rowers. It’s not completely silent though.

The Ergatta has a water resistance system with a water tank and flywheel (no motor required). With water resistance, the harder you pull, the more resistance you encounter. This makes it easy to control the difficulty of your workout. Water resistance mimics the experience of actually rowing on the water, and you even get the “swooshing” sound that you would get when rowing outdoors. Some people find this very relaxing, but if you prefer a quieter rower the Hydrow might be the better option.

Weight Capacity

The Hydrow has a maximum weight capacity of 375 Lbs and is tested for users with up to 36 inch inseam (equates to 6 ft 4 in height). There is no minimum weight, size or build, but the minimum age for users is 13 years old.

The Ergatta supports a maximum weight capacity of 500 Lbs and users of up to 40 inch inseam (equates to 6 ft 8 in height). Again, there is no minimum size or weight for this rower.

Winner: Ergatta

Hydrow and Ergatta – The Different Experiences

Hydrow mimicks the on water experience led by the expertise and coaching skills of professional rowers. It’s a workout with a stunning view. The large monitor and front-facing speakers bring the river to your living room. It’s almost like being in a real live outdoor rowing session with a personal trainer. 95% of the work outs are coaching guided and driven. The courses are filmed on water, to give you the sense of rowing experience on real water. The high graded industrial strap makes each stroke smooth and silent. The seat is a high-tech roller system to provide excellent cushion and comfort.

The Ergatta is more akin to a video game experience. It makes your progress on reaching your rowing goals fun and exciting. The machine is data-driven and will display your progress levels in beautiful colour-coded streamlines. There is no online coach or pictures or avatars, but it does have constantly updated software offering new training programs. The Ergatta offers several games that will be synchronised with your work-out to push your progress. You will have access to the Ergatta community where you can socialise and have fun competing remotely. Best of all, you will have the opportunity to unlock charitable donations which Ergatta will make on your behalf.

Winner: Draw

Both rowing machines offer a fantastic user experience and both are different so your choice will depend on which you’d prefer. With Hydrow you can engage in live rowing sessions with professional rowers and feel like you’re out on the water. With Ergatta you can experience competitive games and tailored workouts with gaming inspired content experience.

Ergatta vs Hydrow: Price and subscription fees

The Ergatta rower costs a simple $2199 with payment packages (Klarna) starting at just $62 per month. Shipping and installation costs an extra $199. Ergatta’s subscription fee is $29 monthly.

The Hydrow rower costs $2295 (currently has $150 off so is available for $2195) but there are also packages available that include other accessories like a machine mat, a heart monitor, wireless headphones etc. Shipping is FREE and they do not currently offer an assembly service (they do have a video that shows you how to do it yourself). Hydrow’s subscription fee is $38 per month.

Do you need to pay for a subscription? It’s not absolutely necessary for either, but to access the live workouts and extra features you really do need the subscription. Without it, you can only row and view your statistics.

Winner: Hydrow

At different times during the year Hydrow offers $150 off, which makes it cheaper than the Ergatta. They also offer free shipping. While they don’t offer an assembly service right now, unboxing and setup is straightforward and shouldn’t take more than 15-30 minutes.


Both the Hydrow and Ergatta are covered by a 5 year warranty on the structural frame. Hydrow’s Upright Storage Kit is also included in this.

The Ergatta offers a 3 year warranty on parts and 1 year warranty on the tablet. The Hydrow offers a 12 month warranty on the components (strap, seat, handle etc.), screen and other electronics.

Both rowers offer a 30 day risk free trial. That means that if within 30 days you decide the rower isn’t for you, it can be returned for a refund. Hydrow will arrange free pick up of your rower.

Ergatta or Hydrow – Which is best?

The Ergatta and Hydrow are both winners in the rowing machine market. They ooze class, hence the large outlay in buying one. They’re worth the price though if you can afford one.

But which one is better?

Actually, we can’t really say that either machine is “better” than the other. While they’re both similarly priced rowing machines at the top end of the market, they each have their own unique selling points.

If you’re more interested in high energy instructor-led on demand or live streamed workouts, the Hydrow should be your top choice. On the other hand, if you prefer more data-driven workouts, with interactive training programs, games and challenges (but not instructor led) then you may prefer the Ergatta.

The Ergatta is like a beautifully crafted piece of wooden furniture that wouldn’t look out of place in any living room. However, some people prefer the more modern, futuristic look of the Hydrow.

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The Hydrow is the quieter of the two being a magnetic resistance rower (vs Ergatta’s water rowing resistance). The Ergatta is slightly smaller and lighter, but actually has a heavier weight capacity for heavier users.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to take into consideration when choosing between the Hydrow vs Ergatta. This is not a small purchase, but I’m sure you won’t regret whichever one you choose!

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