Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun Review (20% Discount Incl.)

ekrin b37 review

It seems like today’s athletes, whether at the professional level, collegiate level, or even just the occasional runner have discovered yet another way to maximize their workouts and reduce recovery time – all thanks to the amazing benefits of massage guns. Since we’re always looking for ways to improve our workouts while striving to hit fitness goals, we set out to see if the hype around massage guns was true. Knowing that we wanted to find the best value, we scoured fitness blogs, Amazon, and Google looking for an affordable but quality massage gun. What we found was the B37 Percussion Massager by Ekrin Athletics – and we have to say, it has set the bar high for all other massage devices.

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Ekrin B37 design and build quality

When we opened up the package the B37 came in, we already knew we were going to love it based on its beautiful dark teal color – it’s such a departure from the standard black or silver, but it really works here.  Our first impression when taking the B37 out of its zippered case, was that it felt sturdy and well put together – easy to hold and maneuver, and with the perfect balance; not too heavy, but with enough weight to know it means business. Made from soft touch plastics with a nice silicone grip, the fit and finish of the B37 is reminiscent of a well-made German car.

ekrin athletics

One of the main features that sets the B37 Percussion Massage apart from other massage guns is its ergonomically designed handle.   The 15-degree-angled handle is a unique design that no other massage has and allows you to use multiple grips (3 total) to reach 90% of your body. Gripping the gun on the lowest part of the handle gives the best angle to get to those hard to reach areas.  Holding the gun by the upper handle allows for more power and precision, really getting deep into muscles while targeting small, isolated areas.

Lastly, the design allows you to use both hands to hold the gun – one on the “tower” or upper most part of the gun, and one on angled handle.  This grip position allows you to use maximum power for a deep massage on major muscle groups.

Longer than average battery life

In terms of battery life and noise – the B37 Percussion Massager packs a punch – in a good way! While Ekrin Athletics touts 4+ hours of battery life, we felt like it lasted even longer. We’ve had the gun for a couple of weeks now and we still haven’t charged it yet!  It’s still running off the original charge from the factory.  Per Ekrin, the lithium-ion battery has a lifetime rating of 2000 hours – after doing a little math, that’s the equivalent of using the gun for an hour every day for 5.5 years!

Super quiet to use (even when watching TV!)

ekrin athletics b37

At this point, it feels like we’re just rattling off selling points, but really it’s because there are so many great qualities about the B37.  One of those qualities was the sound, or lack thereof.  We were impressed with how quiet this massage gun is – several times we used the Ekrin B37 massage gun post-run while sitting on the couch watching TV and there was almost no disruption because of how quiet the B37 is. The decibel rating for this gun is 35db-55db depending on the speed – it’s definitely one of the quieter guns we’ve tested.

A strong and powerful massage gun

What really made the Ekrin B37 a game changer for us was just how well it did in almost every category.  Quality? Check.  Design? Check. Battery life? Check.  Noise level? Check.

So that just leaves power.

And you guessed it, it ticked off all the boxes there too.

With five speeds ranging from 1400-3200 RPM, the stall force increases with each speed starting at 32 lbs and ending at 56 lbs.  We think this is plenty powerful for most athletes looking to recover after a workout, and certainly powerful enough to work out those knots in your back.

One of our favorite speeds was level 5 (3200 RPM).  We found this extremely beneficial for warming up your muscles before a workout to jumpstart the blood flow in your muscles – after just 30 seconds you can literally feel your muscles heating up.

What about the cons?

man using massage gun

Now for the hard part – the cons list – which, let’s be honest – all products have one and this massage gun’s list is pretty short.  While we’ve really enjoyed using the B37 Percussion Massager, there are a few things that could make it even better.

The first item on the ‘wish list’ would be an “absorber” or soft attachment piece for boney areas.  Sometimes when you’re trying to massage an area like your shins, the firm attachments tend to bounce off the tibia.

Secondly, our dream would be if the B37 had an amplitude of 16 mm instead of 12mm – however, at this price point you can’t really complain as most massage guns offering 16mm amplitude go anywhere from $350-$600.  At the end of the day, we were still very happy with the 12mm the B37 was able to provide, and it really is a matter of what your needs are and what you’re willing to spend.

For this last con we found that when you unravel the charging adapter and try to put it back into the case it can be a bit of a task to get it in there without the cord flopping around everywhere.  As you can tell from this last one, we were really scratching our heads trying to nitpick for something, and this one definitely falls into that category!

Overall verdict

girl using ekrin

All in all, we would hands-down buy the Ekrin Athletics B37 Percussion Massage Gun again.  From the overall design, long battery life, low noise emission, versatility, and power, the B37 Percussion Massager has all the elements of a high quality massage gun at a reasonable price.  Not to mention, they have great customer service!  Located in Boston, MA, all of their customer care team is U.S. based and they provide service 7 days a week.

That coupled with their standard 2-year warranty makes the Ekrin Athletics a no-brainer.   At the end of the day, the B37 Percussion Massager slots in nicely as being a great quality option at an affordable price – the definition of value!

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ekrin b37 review

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