Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors – Our Top 6 For 2022 Reviewed!

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best recumbent bike for seniorsWhether you’re young or old, it’s important to exercise for fitness and mobility. One of the most popular exercise machines for seniors looking to keep physically active and enjoy a better lifestyle is the recumbent bike. Whether you’re new to fitness, you want to exercise for rehabilitation or to improve mobility, or you’re suffering from aches and pains, the recumbent bike is a great choice! It’s easier on the joints, requires less physical exertion, and is more comfortable to use, while still being good enough for a decent workout at all levels.

The following is a list of the best recumbent bikes for seniors that we’ve found (based on many hours of research). They’re not just for the older folk though – no matter what your age you can enjoy the benefits from cycling on a recumbent bicycle!

The Schwinn 270 – Best Recumbent Bike For Seniors (#1 Choice)

The Schwinn 270, is a very well-made recumbent bike packed with great features and functionality. It is ideally suited for seniors, fitness fanatics and novices (pretty much anyone). This model will be excellent for those who have joint pain issues or anyone who wants to recover from injuries without over pushing. It’s also good for those with recent surgery who want to ease back into cycling. Lastly, it’s suitable for anyone of any age who just wants to cycle and build up some fitness. There really isn’t much missing from this top model – it accommodates all user’s needs well.

Technical Info

The bike has a height of 49.9 inches and width of 27.7 inches, length 64 inches and weighs 86.6 lbs.


  • 25 levels of resistance, so start low or high to test your workout intensity
  • 29 workout programs (quite an extensive choice)
  • High quality drive system combined with a perimeter flywheel to ensure a smooth and comfortable work-out
  • Heart rate monitoring by gripping the handlebars, also has a telemetry capability for chest straps
  • Built in speakers with IPOD or MP3 add on
  • Bluetooth and USB data transfer option to the Schwinn Connect or MyFitnessPal software
  • Media shelf to enhance exercise experience
  • 3 speed cooling fan
  • water bottle holder (stay hydrated while cycling)
  • Transport wheels (making moving or re positioning easier)
  • Handles up to 300 lbs of personal weight

Computer Functions

  • Digital blue backlit window system
  • 12 game type challenges, 4 fun rides, 4 mountain rides, 4 challenges set by the software
  • 9 heart rate options with customized settings
  • 2 fitness test programs to help you progress
  • 4 user profiles allowing you to store all fitness sessions and data
  • 1 recovery test program, helps to measure heart recovery time
  • quick start option
  • work out data displays speed, time, distance, levels of resistance, heart rate, calories used

I think you will agree that’s quite a list! Not everyone will use everything but its all included should it be required at any stage. It’s fair to say that the manufacturer has tried to cater to almost everyone’s needs.


The bike comes with a 10-year frame warranty. Schwinn provides a 2-year mechanical guarantee, along with a 1-year electrical warranty and 90 days no quibble labor warranty.


The shipping will depend on where you purchase from and the type of delivery you request (not free worldwide), if you place your order with then shipping is free.


The assembly is straightforward and you shouldn’t find it too difficult. The base comes assembled but there here are several small pieces e.g. pedals, handlebars, saddle etc. to be attached. A full manual is provided and you might need an hour plus to get it fully assembled.

What we like about the Schwinn 270

There are many reasons why we think the Schwinn 270 is the best recumbent bike for seniors! This recumbent bike offers the user a unique cycling experience while being connected to all the modern-day technology. This model is a big step up from the Schwinn 230 and it’s backed by a very experienced company on the go for over a century.

The main console is well lit and easy to navigate. You can choose from 29 pre-set programs (this is unique for this model). The programs are fun, they are challenging, and they also work the heart rate. There are 9 specific pre-programmed heart rate exercises to attempt.

The quality of the Schwinn 270 model cannot be questioned, this brand has vast years of experience in creating these types of fitness machines.

You could argue the model comes with no heart rate chest strap, which might be seen as a negative. A good chest strap will normally cost between $50 – 60 if you really want to use one.


The Schwinn 270 offers quite a lot of bang for your buck! This fully loaded recumbent bike is our top pick because it has everything you could want in a good recumbent bike. Plus it’s suitable for all ages! Having checked out many of the customer reviews, older people find it to be an excellent choice with great stability and functionality.

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Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Bike – Best On A Budget

marcy me-709
The Marcy ME–709 model is a great pick for anyone looking for a more affordable bike that gets the job done, but without all the bells and whistles! This recumbent bike definitely isn’t as high-tech as our no.1 choice but does give you great value for money. Plus it’s relatively compact, foldable and has wheels that make it easy to move around when storing.

Technical Information

Machine Dimensions 55.5 x 25 x 37.5 inches

Weight of machine is 66.5 LBs


  • No pre-set exercise programs
  • It has 8 resistance levels
  • Can accommodate up to 300 lbs of personal weight
  • The model comes with a rotating knob like what you get on spin bikes for adjusting resistance levels
  • The display on main console tracks your speed, distance covered, and calories used along with other metrics.
  • This recumbent bike has counterbalanced pedals to ensure you have great control

What we like about the Marcy ME-709

The model is portable and easy to assemble. It’s a durable recumbent bike made to last for years. You will not encounter too much noise from its pedals or moving parts. The seat is designed for comfort and the outer bike frame is made from top-quality materials. It sounds quite basic but it’s not that expensive so won’t break the bank.

This model is one of the easiest to use on the market. 

What we don’t like

There are no pre-set programs and no water bottle holder. It does not have any heart sensory facility built-in. The model doesn’t include batteries that operate the small display screen.


It has a limited warranty of 2 years on frame only.


At less than $200, this is the perfect exercise machine for seniors on a budget. Don’t think though that because of its price you won’t get a good workout! It might be a more basic model, but it still gets the job done! Plus it’s smaller and easier to move and store than some of the larger, more expensive recumbent bikes. With 8 levels of magnetic resistance and a max weight of 300 lbs you’ll find that this is more than enough for the majority of users. Check out the reviews on Amazon for yourself to find out why its one of the top sellers!

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Sunny Health and Fitness SF–RB4708 – Best Recumbent Bike with Arm Exerciser

sunny health and fitness recumbent bike

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF–RB4708 model offers a different type of work-out for seniors. With this bike you can work your arms and legs together! It’s almost like a seated cross trainer type machine. The Sunny comes with a smallish display monitor to track your exercise data. The model has a built-in clip for you to attach your mobile or tablet to watch a movie or video or listen to calm music as you exercise. This model isn’t front-loaded with LCD monitors or any pre-set programs or any heart rate exercises. However, if you want a practical recumbent bike that works both the arms and legs, this machine is great value for money.

Technical Information

Machine dimensions 152.4 x 64.8 x 132.1 CMS

Weight of machine 94.8 LBS


  • small digital monitor that displays your personal exercise info like speed/time lapsed/distance covered/calories used
  • the machine has an adjustable inseam option, min height 29 in max height 36 in
  • it comes with a multi – control magnetic resistance level (pick from 8 levels)
  • a pulse SENSOR fixed on handles displays heartbeat
  • a large over sized back and seat with good support for hips
  • can take up to 350 LBS of personal weight
  • transportable wheels fixed just tilt and move
  • fitted with floor stabilizers (prevents any movement during exercise)

What we like about the Sunny Health & Fitness SF–RB4708

This is a recumbent bike for seniors with a different dimension. It works legs and arms at the same time. This gives you a more comprehensive full body workout than some of the others that are legs only.

The machine is particularly good for those with mobility issues. You can just step into it and sit down rather than trying to sling your leg over (which you have to do with some bikes). This is also one of the more affordable models.

The frame and general build are sturdy and solid and will give any senior a good work-out experience. Its spacious back and seat make pedaling and pulling on arms easy on all major muscle joints. The small sensors on the handles give an accurate heartbeat reading. The magnetic resistance levels are easy to reach and set.

What we don’t like

Hardly a deal-breaker, but there is no drinks holder and tray. There is no connectivity to outside ports or apps or other fitness-related software, but that’s to be expected at this price point.


Yes, it’s a 3-year warranty on structural frame and 180 days on other parts and components


The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RB4708 is a great recumbent bike for seniors who want to work their legs, calves, and glutes as well as their arms. It’s a very affordable model and is a solid sturdy bike with everything you will need to get the job done. Also, the warranty is decent for the price you are paying. Its easy step in access is a big plus for those with mobility issues. The spacious back and seat offer super comfort and take away potential stress on joints as you keep fit.

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Harrison Magnetic Recumbent – Best Heavy Duty Recumbent Bike

Harison Magnetic Recumbent Bike
Harison Magnetic Recumbent Bike

The Harrison Magnetic Recumbent is backed by a company who prides itself on building strong and lasting fitness equipment. The heavy duty nature of this bike make it the perfect option for the heavier user and has a max capacity of up to 350lbs. This is an exercise bike for elderly who want to exercise and build limb strength, flexibility, and upper body strength.  This model has a heavy flywheel type of resistance attached to a belt. The resistance is set at 14 different levels, enough to be challenging and improve your fitness.  The backrest and seat are oversized for comfort, there is a fitted support rail, and the seat is ventilated to keep you cool while exercising.

Technical Information

Machine Dimensions 60. 24 in x 21.65 in x 51 in

Weight of Machine 77 LBs


  • heavy-duty stainless-steel frame (strong and sturdy)
  • magnetic resistance with 14 levels
  • Multi-function LCD screen, making fitness data easy to follow
  • anti slip spacious pedals
  • ventilated over sized back and seat to ensure great comfort
  • personal weight support of 350 LBs
  • fitted wheels to make moving easy
  • water bottle holder and large top tray useful for magazine or other
  • computer calculates your speed/calories/distance/heartbeat
  • scanners for heartbeat

What we like about the Harrison Magnetic Recumbent

This machine will help older users who are looking to work on limb strength, muscle flexibility and upper body strength. The solid and sturdy build of the machine along with the reputation of the company gives a lot of confidence and assurance. They do have a very responsive and caring customer service team.

The machine itself comes with a good LCD screen, above average computer functions and ventilation around the seating area is useful. A few seniors who bought this model didn’t have any height issues – it will accommodate up to 6ft 4 in.

The price point is very reasonable when you compare this model to other higher end models on sale. It is safe to say this bike is good value for money. The machine is quiet and portable.

What we don’t like

It will probably take two to put the machine together, the instructions manual is not too easy to follow, one previous buyer said you are better off watching the video. There is no access to fitness apps and the monitor only displays one stat at a time.


30 days free to return and 1 year on parts replacement


The Harrison is a good recumbent bike for seniors backed by a company that has vast experience in creating fitness equipment. The machine is reasonably priced and offers good computer and digital functionality, without the high-tech connectivity of higher priced models.

The spacious ventilated back and seat and easy step in access are ideal for older users or those with reduced mobility. The compact and portable nature along with the fixed wheels for moving is a big bonus.

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The Schwinn 230 – Cheaper version of the Schwinn 270

This Schwinn 230 is part of the famous Schwinn family. It’s not as expensive and doesn’t quite have all the same features as our top pick, the Schwinn 270, but its still a great exercise bike.  This model is perfect for seniors who have mobility issues, injury rehab issues or any other difficulties which make riding any traditional bike hard. The model boasts plenty of high-tech features along with a computerised resistance system all of which will give any rider a great bang for their buck. The machine is categorized as a High-Speed High Inertia recumbent bike. There is no compromise on quality and at first glance looks outstanding value for money.

Technical Information

Machine Dimensions 66.5 W in x 27 H in x 12.5 L

The Machine Weight 81.6 LBs


  • High Speed High Inertia Flywheel recumbent bike
  • Computer controlled resistance, 20 levels on a Dual Track software program
  • LCD Windows Monitor, offers up to 13 displays at one time
  • Access to your exercise feedback on all those fitness programs used
  • Entertainment value, brings you In-Build speakers with MP3 connectivity
  • A specific Goal Track technology enables user to trace workout data, longest and shortest etc, between 7 days and 30 days
  • over sized foot pedals, to ensure feet are comfortable and secure
  • seat is fixed on a sliding rail, you can adjust with minimal fuss
  • sturdy fixed wheels
  • a workout fan
  • contact heart grips
  • a charging USB port
  • 9 profile workouts
  • 8 heart rate-controlled workouts
  • water bottle holder and media tray
  • maximum personal weight up to 300 LBs
  • 2 user profiles ideal for yourself and a partner

Most Likable Aspects of the Schwinn 230

This bike is perfect for those looking for a great standard of modern high-tech and fitness progression. Some of our favorite aspects are the enhanced bluetooth connectivity, the pre-set programs and computerised resistance system. There are over 1000 structured workouts and virtual routes available by connecting to the Zwift app (a subscription is required though). The well-lit LCD monitor with 13 data displays is a top feature.

The machine is committed to noise reduction and the magnetic computer-controlled resistance affords the senior users a very easy and enjoyable riding experience. Contact heartbeat measuring sensors are another nice feature. The fact the user can replay all workout data within days of completion means motivated progression as you see fit.

What we don’t like

As it’s an older model than the Schwinn 270 it has fewer features, but it’s still more high tech than many of the others listed here. This is reflected in the price point. It has less resistance levels than the Schwinn 270 and a more basic display. Both are similar build and quality though with max weight capacity of 300 lbs and max height of 6ft3.


2 years on parts and labour. 10 years on frame. 1 year on electrics.


The Schwinn 230 is offering an impressive array of programs and high-tech functions for quite a small outlay. This is the older version of our top pick, the Schwinn 270, so if you wanted that one but at a cheaper price point then this might be an option. This recumbent bike will do a good job to enhance anyone’s fitness, from beginners to advanced and is perfect for users of all ages – both young and old.

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The Exerpeutic 400 XL – Best Folding Recumbent For Small Spaces

Exerpeutic 400 XL
Exerpeutic 400 XL

The Exerpeutic 400 XL Folding Recumbent looks very basic in nature and design, and it’s also the cheapest model on our list. Don’t let that make you skeptical though! It’s actually a lot sturdier than you might expect and has enough resistance levels to give beginners up to intermediate athletes a good workout. It’s compact, so perfect for small spaces and with small wheels at the back its also easy to move around.

Technical Information

Machine Dimensions 33 inches in length x 19 inches wide x 46 inches height

The Machine Weight 43 LBs


  • gives plenty back support
  • easy use and adjustment for added comfort
  • compact design
  • quiet and not intrusive
  • safe and stable
  • nice large seat
  • seat height can be adjusted – will suit any user between height of 5 ft 2 in to 6Ft 2 in
  • weight capacity of 300 LBS
  • offers a magnetic brake resistance
  • a small mini monitor
  • small number of basic programs, 6 in total

What we like about the Exerpeutic 400 XL Foldable

The machine is a very basic recumbent bike and is one of the best exercise bikes for seniors on a budget. The model is foldable which means it would suit those who want to save on space. It is light in weight and has wheels fitted to move with ease.

The model is designed to give a basic level of comfort and support to any user.

It’s quick and easy to assemble (takes about 30 minutes).

What we don’t like

As this is the cheapest model we’ve reviewed, it’s also the most basic. So you can’t expect any of the bells and whistles you might find on the other models. There aren’t any in built fitness programs or cooling fans, or ability to connect to fitness apps etc. You just get on and pedal. It does have 8 resistance levels though, which is enough for most beginner to intermediate exercisers. While being small and portable is a good  thing, it’s probably not the most suitable bike for taller users.


1 year


This bike isn’t fancy, but its sturdy enough for a good workout. It’s also very affordable and if you don’t care about the added extras and just want to cycle, this might be the model for you.

The biggest plus is its light folding frame which makes it easy to store out of the way if you’re short on space. It also has wheels for ease of movement.

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Why is a recumbent bike a great option for seniors?

While the recumbent bike is suitable for all ages, it’s one of the most popular pieces of fitness exercise equipment for older people. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  • The same muscle groups are worked as with any upright exercise bike, the only difference is with a recumbent bike there is away less stress and pressure on your joints. Your position on the recumbent means you are using the same muscle groups, legs, calves, glutes, knees with a lot more ease.
  • Recumbent bikes offer a more comfortable ride for people with back problems
  • They are often less expensive than upright exercise bicycles and spin bikes
  • A recumbent bike is easier to get on and off of, which is helpful for people who have balance issues or trouble bending over
  • The design allows one’s arms to rest comfortably at their sides while they pedal. This reduces stress on the shoulders and neck muscles
  • Seniors may find recumbent bike riding easier because they don’t need to balance themselves while pedaling in the same way you would when riding an upright bicycle. It’s also good for those with weak legs.

Tips for choosing an exercise bike for seniors in 2022

  1. Consider the size of the bike – a smaller bike may be more manageable for seniors. Make sure there is an easy way to adjust the seat height and handlebars, as well as armrests if they are needed.
  2. Look for a model with adjustable resistance levels. That way you can start small at a lower level if you’re new to fitness or suffering from mobility issues. When you’re ready you can move up the levels for a more challenging workout.
  3. Get an exercise bike that is sturdy and stable for more comfort and to prevent aches and pains.
  4. Find one that will fit in your home – measure all available space before making a purchase decision. Some are bigger than you might think and take up quite a bit of space. Many of the cheaper models are more basic, but are also smaller and easier to store.
  5. Choose a stationary exercise bike with built-in programs like heart rate control and calorie burn tracking, which will help motivate you on days when you’re feeling lazy. These are also a great way to check that you’re making progress.
  6. Pick one that has wheels or castors in case you need to move it into another room occasionally for storage purposes.


If you haven’t tried a recumbent bike, there’s no better time than now. While recumbent bikes are a great exercise machine for all ages (so all the family can get involved), they’re a particularly good option for those with a mobility issue or bad knees, for rehabilitation, or for the older user.

The ones we’ve listed above are some of the most popular and best stationary bikes for seniors. While they’re all great bikes, you’ll find some are more suitable than others.

For example, if you’re on a budget or just don’t want to spend too much you’ll definitely want to check out the Marcy ME-709 and the Exerpeutic 400xL. Both are quite small, and easy to move around and store as well.

Need something that’s easy to get on and off of? Or a recumbent bike with moving arms (like a cross trainer)? The Sunny Health & Fitness RB-4708 would be the perfect choice.

If you’re looking for the best recumbent bike for a heavy person, the Harison and the Sunny both have a high weight capacity of up to 350lbs.

And of course, if you want the best on the market – the Schwinn 270 definitely has all the features you could possibly want in a recumbent bike. If you love the Schwinn brand but want something a bit cheaper (without all the latest bells and whistles) the Schwinn 230 is great option.

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of exercise with the best recumbent bike for seniors – it’s an investment you won’t regret!

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