Addsfit Max Massage Gun Review (My Experience + Save 20%!)

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Welcome to my Addsfit Max massage gun review. Having suffered from muscle pains on and off over the years, I decided, instead of being reliant on pain killers all my life, it was time to find an alternative solution to these aches and pains. This solution could also allow me a more enjoyable time in the gym.

I’d heard good things about massage guns from a friend of a friend but never really did much research until, that is, the frozen shoulder I’d suffered from over three years ago decided to make a return. I didn’t want to put up with that again, so I decided to take the plunge and opted for the Addsfit Max Deep Tissue Massage Gun.

I spent some time on the internet researching different massage guns before finally choosing this particular model. The reason behind my decision was, I felt that for the money I wanted to pay, I was getting some impressive features that would hopefully help me in my search for a pain-free life and give some relief to this damn frozen shoulder. Plus I can’t complain about the 20% off I got (I used coupon code addsfit2020 – it still works on the official website)!

Addsfit Massage Gun Features

Battery Life

I always forget to charge my phone, so knowing that the six lithium rechargeable batteries that this gun runs on will last for 5-6 hours after a full charge is a significant plus, meaning this will last me a week with a 45-minute daily massage.

Adjustable Speed Settings

The choice of between 1700-3300 percussions per minute allows you to change the speed to fit your individual needs and adapt it to the different muscle groups. 3300 PPM is about the highest you’ll get with any massage gun out there, so it’s plenty powerful to give you the results you need.

Stall force and amplitude

The stall force (how much force you can apply when using the massager before it stalls) is about 35lbs, This is far from the highest available, but IMHO it’s more than enough for my needs and the needs of most users. The highest I’ve come across is more expensive models like the Pulse FX or Theragun which have a stall force of about 60-65lbs. They cost about double the price though and most people never need that level of power unless they’re treating really deep seated muscle problems.

The amplitude is the depth that the head will hit into the muscle. Addsfit’s amplitude is an impressive 12mm – the same as the Hypervolt and other similar models.

Oh So Quiet!

Being quiet is essential when you prefer to listen to relaxing music or watch something on T.V. while massaging, rather than a constant buzzing. This Addsfit massager, when tested, came under 39 decibels when recorded from a distance of 30cm away.


The outer shell is built from glass fiber, which is regularly used in the military, meaning you can be confident it will stand the test of time. Despite the affordable price it has a premium feel to it and seems to be well made and sturdy.

Auto-Off Mode

No need to worry about overuse as the massager will automatically turn itself off after thirty minutes of continuous use.

What attachments do you get with it?

The Addsfit Massage Gun Deep Tissue comes with five different attachments of varying shapes and resistance, allowing you to target particular muscle groups at various impact levels.

  1. Dampener Attachment. With an impact level of one, this attachment is for use all over the body but especially useful in those sensitive and tender areas, such as close to bones.
  2. Triggered Flat Attachment. A level two impact attachment which is perfect for those large and flat muscle groups such as the back and chest.
  3. The Wedge Attachment. This level three impact attachment is excellent for those shoulder blades and I.T. bands.
  4. The Thumb Attachment. Up another level to level four, this is ideal for giving relief to aches and pains in the lower back area.
  5. The Fork Attachment. With the highest impact level of five, this attachment helps with relieving aches and pains in the Achilles tendon area and the U shaped area of the body.

Testing out my new Addsfit Max massage gun – My review

I didn’t have to wait long before I had the Addsfit Deep tissue Massage Gun in my hands, and I couldn’t wait to put it to use, especially on that frozen shoulder. The first thing that caught my eye was the professional-looking case the massager came in. It reminded me of a flight case, all with individual little compartments for the different parts, I was impressed.

Taking it out the case, I found it was comfortable to hold and had a good weight to it, giving the impression of a solid construction. The on/off buttons and power and strength indicators on the back of the massager are well illuminated and clear, making them easy to see.

I found the book that the massager comes with invaluable. It gives advice on which heads to use on different parts of the body as well as clear, concise instructions on how to use the product.

I’m one of those people who like things to look good as well as work well, and this doesn’t disappoint in the looks department. I was especially taken with the power button, which is a green-lit ring located on the handle, and I love the colors of black and grey, which give it that sleek, professional look.

It was time to put the massager to the test. I chose the wedge attachment hoping to bring some relief to my frozen shoulder. I’d tried numerous YouTube videos in the past to muster up some relief from the problem with little success. The problem was I was unable to hit the right spot most of the time or put the correct amount of pressure on the affected area.

It’s not really a grievance, but I did notice straight away when switching it on, that it wasn’t as quiet as it’s made out to be, so I opted for headphones to play my music alongside my massage session. The slight disappointment with the noise level was soon forgotten when I began working on my shoulder.

After a little movement and speed adjustment, I hit the spot, and after only ten minutes of use, I can honestly say I felt a significant amount of relief. I could lift my arm higher than I’d been able to in the past two weeks and with considerably less pain while doing so.

Another problem I sometimes suffer from is shin splints. I love power walking, but the sheer pain that this activity sometimes brings with it puts me off. I took my chances, and sure enough, after an hour of walking, I got the dreaded shin splints. I took out the massager and attached the dampener, and after a short while, the pain started to ease considerably.

The only solution I’ve ever found to this problem in the past is rest. The results I’ve got from the Addsfit percussion massager concerning my shin splints have given me the confidence to take up running.

I work out in the gym, on average, four times a week, mainly using free weights, although I do occasionally use crossover machines. I add cardio to this twice a week, which is performed on a treadmill. Now that I’m in my fifties, those niggling aches and pains are more frequent after a session. Not anymore.

I’d be a liar if I said I never get any post work out problems with my muscles anymore, but the difference before using the massager to now is incredible. I find that a twenty-minute massage session after a workout makes so much difference. I’m no longer walking around groaning and wincing after a workout.

The highest setting on the massager is extremely powerful, ideal after a heavy session on the weights, helping to get deep down into the muscle. I find the dampener attachment a perfect solution to throbbing knees after a thirty-minute session on the treadmill, due to its low impact level.

I did find this massager a little heavy after a while, especially when working on my shoulder or neck due to my arm being elevated for an extended period. Switching hands throughout the massage helped limit the tiredness in my arms.

The battery life on this is incredible. It was almost a week before I had to recharge it, and I’d used it every day for up to 45 minutes each time. This is especially useful when you take it to the gym or around a friends’ house; you don’t want to be carrying a charger around with you.

Pros and Cons


  • Five different attachments so you can target different muscle groups.
  • Various speed settings enable different levels of impact on the muscles.
  • Long-lasting rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Solid construction. It is made with glass fiber used by the military.
  • The heads are made from premium silicone, meaning you can use creams and gels with the massager.
  • Very affordable price compared to other models with similar specs.


  • A little noisy irrespective of its claims.
  • It can get heavy after long periods of use.

Final thoughts

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So know that this Addsfit massage gun review has come to a close, what’s my verdict? Without a doubt, this Addsfit massager has made a massive difference to my life. My workouts in the gym are no longer followed by days of aches and pains, and I can finally enjoy a run without suffering from shin splints. It took almost twelve months for my frozen shoulder to disappear the last time, this time after just two months of using this fantastic device it’s barely noticeable, and I’m confident it will be a thing of the past in the very near future.

If you’re looking for a massage gun, then I recommend giving the Addsfit Max massage gun a try. For the price it’s an excellent tool that will bring relief and relaxation and is well worth the investment. Check it out at the following link:

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